Our summer California trip.

California2016 from Kara Simmons on Vimeo.


Disneyland in the spring.

In the end of February into the first week of March we took our girls on a trip to Disneyland! We had perfect weather and a absolute blast. Besides Hazel getting crazy sick on the way there and then miraculously recovering as soon as we were at Disneyland the first day, everything about this trip was awesome.  Greg was adamant about the girls meeting the characters and I was so happy he was.  The girls were star struck with every character we saw.  Pretty adorable.
 photo DisneylandKSimmons_1_zpsrtmhjh3x.jpg
 photo DisneylandKSimmons_4_zpsmqkfrfcd.jpg
 photo DisneylandKSimmons_5_zpsit9ecsda.jpg
 photo DisneylandKSimmons_6_zpsdqgivvs7.jpg
 photo DisneylandKSimmons_7_zpshnthyg7x.jpg
 photo DisneylandKSimmons_8_zpspjmwm4mh.jpg
 photo DisneylandKSimmons_9_zpsqaxzppuv.jpg
 photo DisneylandKSimmons_12_zpsu9azqafx.jpg
 photo DisneylandKSimmons_13_zps5gakpnwl.jpg
 photo DisneylandKSimmons_15_zps3lhjza5l.jpg
 photo DisneylandKSimmons_16_zpsxqsa60f3.jpg
 photo DisneylandKSimmons_18_zpsbx3r99zl.jpg
 photo DisneylandKSimmons_19_zpsadvuotn7.jpg
 photo DisneylandKSimmons_20_zpsnq9jv4i5.jpg
 photo DisneylandKSimmons_21_zpsprn5gepq.jpg
 photo DisneylandKSimmons_23_zpsctwllepj.jpg
 photo DisneylandKSimmons_24_zpscfyeoxac.jpg
 photo DisneylandKSimmons_25_zpswoy8cw8p.jpg
 photo DisneylandKSimmons_26_zpsqyatgia4.jpg
 photo DisneylandKSimmons_28_zps54ogjx7e.jpg
 photo DisneylandKSimmons_29_zpsf7xx6bqj.jpg
 photo DisneylandKSimmons_30_zpswn8ekmvg.jpg
 photo DisneylandKSimmons_31_zps3sfido4n.jpg
 photo DisneylandKSimmons_33_zps107lcomc.jpg

Easter 2015.

Just thought I would share a few memories from our Easter. It was a good one.  The girls found their Easter baskets by following their string of yarn around the yard once again.  Lydia got new church shoes with heels and Hazel received new color wonder markers so she can’t draw over our walls or doors in the house anymore.  We went to Grandma Nana’s for brunch between conference sessions and then on to Grandma Miller’s for dinner with the extended family.  The girls had plenty of Easter egg hunts for the day.  Hazel was especially cute trying to find her eggs.  She just loved the game of finding the eggs!  She didn’t even care to open her eggs.  Just the thrill of spotting those yellow eggs of hers was enough.  I love watching our girls discovering traditions and how happy it makes them.  Greg and I loved hearing the words from our Prophet and Apostles through general conference.  Very fitting to hear so much about Christ on Easter.  I am thankful and forever in debt to Him.  Because He lives I can live with this little family of mine forever.
 photo april72014KSimmons_zpsivstpbas.jpg
 photo april72014KSimmons_1_zps7psk3ett.jpg
 photo april72014KSimmons_2_zpsc3fnxtzi.jpg
 photo april72014KSimmons_3_zpshu8vpzbb.jpg
 photo april72014KSimmons_4_zpsmc43dkou.jpg
 photo april72014KSimmons_5_zps4mg5255u.jpg
 photo april72014KSimmons_6_zpscwtoickk.jpg
 photo april72014KSimmons_7_zpsbgezqabg.jpg
 photo april72014KSimmons_8_zpsxjlrkbmp.jpg
 photo april72014KSimmons_9_zpsmydqjodj.jpg
 photo april72014KSimmons_10_zpsjrqgztkt.jpg
 photo april72014KSimmons_11_zpspbpo1bub.jpg
 photo april72014KSimmons_12_zpscoo3dvlo.jpg
 photo april72014KSimmons_14_zpssnbwhnzx.jpg
 photo april72014KSimmons_15_zpsbkkwmylb.jpg
 photo april72014KSimmons_16_zpsaqt9jazr.jpg

Christmas odds and ends.

I need to fill in the spaces of Christmas with some pictures the week of Christmas. We finally paid Santa an official visit a few days before Christmas. Lydia was pretty anxious on telling the big guy what she wanted, the reason being she was so nervous she didn’t have anything specific to ask for. She thought she needed a long list to rattle off to Santa. I explained that Santa knows what she would enjoy and he will bring her presents she will like. She felt much better about the situation once an explanation was given. 🙂
Hazel surprised me and didn’t cry, but didn’t smile either while visiting Santa. She kind of pointed towards her cousins off to the side, looked at the camera, and that was that.  But hey!  I will take it!

 photo Dec252014_KaraSimmons_zpsd042e249.jpg photo Dec252014_KaraSimmons_1_zpsc9fc045e.jpg photo Dec252014_KaraSimmons_2_zps1e1dc77c.jpg photo Dec252014_KaraSimmons_3_zps4d05ec6d.jpg photo Dec252014_KaraSimmons_4_zpsa45f4416.jpg
I just love this random picture of the girls on Christmas Eve! The way Hazel is holding that Anna doll melts my heart. I was video recording mostly on Christmas Eve and Christmas, but I had to stop and snap the cute interaction between these two sisters on Christmas Eve.  Those dolls were the girls’ presents to each other.   photo Dec252014_KaraSimmons_5_zps9bf9d959.jpg
Every year on Christmas, all the family on my side gathers to my Mom’s house in the early afternoon and stay until we are stuffed on too many treats and tired. And of course we gather to each have a family picture on Mom’s front steps and then a group picture all together in front of the fireplace. Traditions! Got to have traditions! I kind of love picture traditions to see how each family changes and/or grows each year.  photo Dec252014_KaraSimmons_6_zps84d4f6bc.jpg photo Dec252014_KaraSimmons_8_zps40003776.jpg photo Dec252014_KaraSimmons_10_zps81f462e1.jpg photo Dec252014_KaraSimmons_13_zps24c5660d.jpg photo Dec252014_KaraSimmons_14_zpsfd0df330.jpg photo Dec252014_KaraSimmons_15_zps6ebf9e0b.jpg
Every year I am reminded how blessed we are. So much good around us. I especially love having that focus of celebrating the birth and life of Christ throughout the month. And knowing that everything good around us is because of Him. Christmas always goes much too fast, I already miss it.

Summing up 2014.

 photo StGeorge2_KaraSimmons_18_zpsdbd13cb3.jpgYears never go exactly how I plan them, and 2014 was no exception.  We had a lot of hopes, dreams, and goals for this year.  Some came true and some didn’t.  And that’s okay!  Because we are pretty happy with 2014.  We are lucky ducks for what we do have! I am always excited for our future and I have learned to be grateful for our past too.  Happy New Years everyone!

Our little diddy of Halloween.

Guys, I really should be posting all the beautiful images I have been taking this past summer and into fall, but then I feel like I fall behind on my own little family’s record that I try and keep up. But then I realize there isn’t enough time in the day, especially when you have an 18 month old running around you for most of the day. So hopefully this winter I might get caught up on the past few months of photography, but here is our little diddy of Halloween. Hope yours was great too!

Halloween 2014 from Kara Simmons on Vimeo.

Park City 2014.

Every Labor Day weekend, we head up to Park City with Greg’s extended family. We stay in condos and run around Park City all weekend. Our main priority is to get a apple pie carmel apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory while we are up there. This trip was most successful because we had two!  We go swimming, to the park, shopping, and visit with family while up there.  One evening I made my little family, and Greg’s little brother and his wife, hike up the hillside by the resort we were staying in where we had the most beautiful views of new fall leaves and the Alpine slide.  Yes, fall leaves already and it was barely September!  Pretty sad, but beautiful nonetheless.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the beautiful fall leaves, but it just happened so darn fast this year!
 photo Sept12014_KaraSimmons_5copy_zps702590d3.jpg photo Sept12014_KaraSimmons_6copy_zps9943b290.jpg photo Sept12014_KaraSimmons_7copy_zps73b8c3a1.jpg

Before we head out of town on Monday, we stop by Park City main street and get a new ornament from the Christmas store.  Lydia got a cupcake ornament this year.  It looks and feels like an actual cupcake!  It’s quite impressive.   photo Sept12014_KaraSimmons_8_zpsa159c86e.jpg photo Sept12014_KaraSimmons_10copy_zps5dad446f.jpg

Just a little taste on how quirky this little lady’s personality is. photo Sept12014_KaraSimmons_11copy_zps87ad3441.jpg photo Sept12014_KaraSimmons_12_zps54b9a29a.jpg photo Sept12014_KaraSimmons_14_zps8c503e97.jpg photo Sept12014_KaraSimmons_15_zps943e6944.jpg photo Sept12014_KaraSimmons_16_zps6fc1cf95.jpg
Lydia got to ride the Alpine Coaster with dad and take a ride on the carousel with Hazel too. Don’t let Hazel’s face fool you. She loved the ride. Just hated me taking pictures of the event!
And that wraps up Park City 2014.

The 4th o’ July.

You guys, I am at the point in the summer where there are one million things going on at once. So I can’t keep up on anything blog posting related. Because that’s last on my to do list! I sound like a broken record every year at this point in the summer, but it’s true. Having too much fun playing, shooting pictures, playing, and then photo processing etc.  But!  Here is evidence we actually had a 4th of July.  Breakfast at Grandma Millers followed by softball/kickball game.  We then made our way up to Park City again this year and just had to stop at that beautiful white barn for pictures.  It’s tradition! 😉  Even the Stouts and Smiths(siblings) made it this year with us.
 photo July42014_KaraSimmons_zps107b649b.jpg photo July42014_KaraSimmons_1_zps586a3a4b.jpg photo July42014_KaraSimmons_2_zps8d856755.jpg photo July42014_KaraSimmons_3_zps1ba8e5a2.jpg photo July42014_KaraSimmons_7_zpsd4173ef9.jpg photo July42014_KaraSimmons_13_zps410da98e.jpg photo July42014_KaraSimmons_14_zpse0ce143e.jpg photo July42014_KaraSimmons_15_zps7175d718.jpg photo July42014_KaraSimmons_16_zpsa83fdf6a.jpg photo July42014_KaraSimmons_16_zpsa83fdf6a.jpg photo July42014_KaraSimmons_18_zpsa6eb6918.jpg photo July42014_KaraSimmons_19_zps8515e803.jpg photo July42014_KaraSimmons_20_zps6326d1ac.jpg photo July42014_KaraSimmons_21_zpse09da0d5.jpg photo July42014_KaraSimmons_22_zpsc525509b.jpg photo July42014_KaraSimmons_23_zps7ca864f1.jpgWe did some playing at parks, grabbed dinner, and then hung out on Park City’s golf course for a couple of hours before the fireworks began.  Such fantastic scenery to take in at Park City!  Really good people watching too. 🙂  I love this holiday!  And there my friends, proof that we did celebrate the 4th of July.

Our man.

Our man comes home every night to find us three girls fighting for his attention.  Four girls if you count Charlotte.  Greg loves his girls fiercely.  I see the joy in his face from being a father and doing his fatherly duties.  It makes my heart pretty happy to see.  Lydia cries out for Greg in the night if she needs anything which I find incredibly cute(and nice!).  Hazel’s first words have been “dada” and lately now, “hiiiiiidaaaaaa!”  Meaning “hi dad!”  The girls automatically light up each time they see their dad.  This man of ours is sure loved and cherished around here!
 photo June152014_KaraSimmons_zps613943a9.jpg photo June152014_KaraSimmons_1_zpsf2ed24f7.jpg photo June152014_KaraSimmons_2_zps43782e68.jpg photo June152014_KaraSimmons_3_zpsd8d1964c.jpg photo June152014_KaraSimmons_4_zpsa08055d0.jpg photo June152014_KaraSimmons_5_zps15f54182.jpg photo June152014_KaraSimmons_6_zps0169667b.jpg photo June152014_KaraSimmons_7_zps1b892576.jpg
Greg loves a good cinnamon roll and I don’t make them nearly often enough.  So on Father’s Day I made a mean batch of cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting.  Greg and the girls had no problem licking the beaters for me.  Isn’t that the best part of baking sometimes?   photo June152014_KaraSimmons_8_zps44afc9f3.jpg photo June152014_KaraSimmons_9_zps54a9bed7.jpg photo June152014_KaraSimmons_10_zpsdecf2da3.jpg photo June152014_KaraSimmons_11_zps2e7a71f1.jpg photo June152014_KaraSimmons_12_zpsb07ca64b.jpg
We love you Gregory!

Working on that yard.

It’s that time of year again! Yard work is in full force around the Simmons house. We don’t have a huge plot of land, but it’s not tiny either. A perfect size for our little family at the time actually! When we first moved in over three years ago, the front yard was okay, but the back was a disaster. Full of weeds, weeds, and more weeds. A couple of years ago we tore it all out and brought in new dirt and grass with a spot for a veggie garden of course. Last year was my first year in dealing with my own veggies. It was taken over by bugs come August. Real gross. I vow to stay on top of it this year! Stay away bugs! I planted flowers to help deter the bugs with their scent and need to purchase bug repellent.  My gracious Mother comes and helps me plant and even brings plants from her own garden to beautify our yard.  She’s too good to us.
 photo PampD5272014_KaraSimmons_zps2be073f3.jpg photo PampD5272014_KaraSimmons_1_zps405f6a7d.jpg
Look at that Hazel, reaching for more things to play with and then… photo PampD5272014_KaraSimmons_2_zps520d4491.jpg
something went terribly wrong and she fell right into the dirt. She wasn’t too happy about it. photo PampD5272014_KaraSimmons_4_zpse262a273.jpg
Good thing Grandma Nana is there to comfort and take of my children while I get to take pictures.  photo PampD5272014_KaraSimmons_5_zps41deafd2.jpg photo PampD5272014_KaraSimmons_7_zps41a99c13.jpg photo PampD5272014_KaraSimmons_13_zps7cb9a138.jpg photo PampD5272014_KaraSimmons_8_zps3cb7d25d.jpg photo PampD5272014_KaraSimmons_9_zps770cfaf9.jpg

 photo PampD5272014_KaraSimmons_10_zps402eada9.jpg photo PampD5272014_KaraSimmons_11_zps914ce2c9.jpg photo PampD5272014_KaraSimmons_12_zps8f4e88c2.jpg
And a special thanks to this man who works hard on our lawn every single week in the summer. photo PampD5272014_KaraSimmons_14_zps4a5d2876.jpg
Grow plants grow! I have even remembered to water them every day since planting. Hopefully, the will know this to be a loving environment and choose to stick around. Please plants! Please!