Protector of the grass.

Meet Charlotte. Protector of the grass.
 photo April82013_KaraSimmons_7_zps7248be71.jpg
 photo April82013_KaraSimmons_6_zps8904fddd.jpg

Making sure no cats enter the area at any time.

Although we did find some cat poop in our flower bed.  So somebody must be slacking on the job…


Fort Lydia.

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 photo April82013_KaraSimmons_2_zpsb63a7cd2.jpg
 photo April82013_KaraSimmons_3_zpsc1fd3543.jpg
Lydia has been in love with making forts as of late. She will turn any couch, bench, bed, chair and combine any of those items with random blankets and she has herself a fort.  Then she hoards toys and random objects in her fort to make it a real home I suppose.

Her Dad makes the best and biggest ones of course.  This one pictured was his last creation with her on last Sunday.  We listened to morning session of General Conference while in the fort.  And she specifically requested that this one should be big enough for Mama to fit.  Thanks Lyds.

Golfing and walks.

While in St. George last weekend Greg was able to do some golfing and we tagged along one day while he was taking some practice shots on the driving range.  We did have fun, but I am afraid Lydia did a bit too much chattering for the other golfers around us trying to practice.  Either that or they were entertained with all the glances we got!
 photo March52013_KaraSimmons_zps367e03fa.jpg
 photo March52013_KaraSimmons_1_zps26559b17.jpg
 photo March52013_KaraSimmons_2_zps23cc61d3.jpgWe went for several walks a day and to about two different parks a day for Lydia.  Heaven for a three year old I tell ya what.
 photo March52013_KaraSimmons_6_zpsdb4bbb87.jpg
 photo March52013_KaraSimmons_7_zps8ed55165.jpg
 photo March52013_KaraSimmons_8_zpsf2e8b8fd.jpg
 photo March52013_KaraSimmons_10_zps4bab73d6.jpg
 photo March52013_KaraSimmons_11_zps4c11fbe8.jpg
 photo March52013_KaraSimmons_13_zps170d6790.jpgCharlotte was there too of course.  She also loved all the walking and sunshine.  Except we are reminded how pooped she can get after a few minutes of walking in the sun.  This dog’s fur really keeps her warm.  Time for a cut with the warm weather coming!
 photo March52013_KaraSimmons_15_zpsb976cf7d.jpg

January is almost over…

and thank goodness! It has been the coldest January I can remember.  Last January was so warm, and this year has been incredibly frigid.  We have been in the house a lot because of it.  Which is nice for awhile, but man, we are ready for some change in the weather!

With the new year Lydia moved up to Sunbeams from nursery.  I just had to do her hair in curls and braids for the first day.  That and we have the one o’ clock time slot now.  So curls every Sunday it is now!

PhotobucketLydia is back in preschool with her friends.  The first week back they had made these adorable bear ears in class.  The first thing she said when walking out the door as I picked her up was,”Mama, I’m a bear.  Rarrrrrr.”  Too much this girl is sometimes.  Too much.

PhotobucketWith being trapped inside the house, I’m actually cooking again.  And cleaning!  You should see how awesome our closet looks.  No piles on the ground at all.  Big steps for me.  I gave homemade granola bars a try.  Yummy, but they fall apart easily if not kept cold.  Lydia was a fan.

PhotobucketNesting has been in full force this month.  We painted walls in our front living room and family room and even hung up a mirror.  We are growing up I tell you.  Even though we have been here for two years, I have very little on the walls.  I am indecisive and it takes me awhile to get a vision of what I want.  But with this baby coming, I have a deadline to get things done!  Greg has been such a good sport about it all.

PhotobucketWe have picked out a very light pink to paint an accent wall in baby girl’s room.  I have the gallon of paint!  I can’t wait to paint this next week and start getting her room put together.

PhotobucketWhen scrolling through old pictures on my phone the other day, I came across this one last summer.  Doesn’t the sun behind us look heavenly?  I can’t help but dream of summer days and nights lately.

PhotobucketBaby girl is growing and kicking me like crazy.  We are at the end of our second trimester and feeling as good as can be.  I went to Zumba the other night and found watching myself in the mirror is too funny at times.  All that shaking and thrusting of hips sure looks attractive on this pregnant belly!  😉  But I need that cardio high so whatever it takes to get it, I’m there.

PhotobucketWe have had a lot of lazy Saturdays around here this month.  It’s been real nice.  Reading books in bed is a great lazy activity, don’t you think?

PhotobucketLydia is awesome at finding hiding places.  This one is in her room behind her curtains.  Brilliant place to hide! 🙂

PhotobucketCharlotte has been bored out of her mind and getting at least 23 hours of sleep a day it seems like.  I was brave enough to take her on a walk last week and she was in heaven.  And frozen at the end, but I think she thought it was worth it.

PhotobucketAnd last but not least, just thought I should throw it out there that Lydia talks our ears off.  All the time.  Madre told me how much I talked and how many questions I asked her a day at her age.  I guess I am getting my pay back.  I love hearing her ramble on to Greg when I am not in the room.  Those two are hilarious together.


We are welcoming February with open arms and hopes of some warmer weather!

There was just a dog.

Before Lydia, we had Charlotte.  Charlotte was given to me on my 23rd birthday.  She was the cutest puppy on earth.  She traveled with us in our summer sales job and was my little buddy when Gregory was working his long hours in the summer.  We would take long walks every day in the different cities we lived in.  This dog had the life.

We let Lydia play with Greg’s old iphone.  The other day I picked it up and wanted to check out what pictures he still had on his phone.  I found a hilarious amount of pictures of Charlotte before we had Lydia.  Greg and I would take pictures of this dog of ours all the time.  If I found a lot on Greg’s phone can you image the amount on my old phone?  I mean, she is pretty cute, so I don’t really blame us but she is a dog after all.  I guess we are crazy dog people for taking so many pictures.  Here’s a sampling of Charlotte’s life before Lydia.

Contemplating life on the back porch at the in-law’s.

PhotobucketI found her up on this coffee table randomly one night.  I could hardly contain myself I thought this was too adorable.  Clearly, I needed more entertainment that evening.
PhotobucketAt the in-law’s house she would just sit on these little bricks in their backyard for hours.
PhotobucketBack in her wild hair days.  She kinda looks like a hippie here.
PhotobucketI bought a cheap dog shirt for her to wear and sat her up to make her look like a real person.  Hilarious to us at the time.  Heck, who am I kidding?  It still is!  She looks like an angry build-a-bear.

Now this is Charlotte’s life. Sharing the spotlight with Lydia.  Poor thing doesn’t even know another child will come to disrupt her home soon once again.  I don’t think she minds Lydia some days though.  Lydia does give her food all the time and now they can actually play fetch with each other without Lydia throwing a fit that she can’t get the toy away from Charlotte.
There are many days I need to rescue Charlotte from Lydia though.  In the picture above this, do you see how Lydia has a broom in her lap?  I caught her poking Charlotte with the end of it one day.  Charlotte ran to me and sat on my lap, Lydia came over and tried to poke her again.  I told Lydia, “to stop poking Charlotte with the broom!”

Lydia calmly responded, “I’m not going to hurt her.  I’m going to see how brave she is.”

Bless your heart Charlotte for living with us all this time.

Spring evening.

Just another lovely spring evening around here. I made us a pizza and we promised Lydia we would play at the “field” down our little street after we ate. It’s actually our church’s baseball field. And is not to be confused with calling it the park. We also have a neighborhood park that she loves to go to, and we love to take her, but it’s not pretty trying to bring her home.  Or if you tell her you are going to the park, but end up going to the field because that’s what you meant, Lydia gets pretty peeved off.  So if you tell her you are taking her to the park, you better mean the real one!  She was quite happy with just hanging out with us tonight at the field.  Greg practices his golf swing, Charlotte roams, and us girls follow our man around.  This is how us Simmons spend lovely spring evenings.


Charlotte is a four year old.

Our Charlotte bear turned four years old today. Yes we do celebrate our dog’s birthday. Actually, this is the first year we have celebrated. I have forgotten in the past years on the exact day and have felt awfully guilty about it.
We sang to her over a scented candle and a bowl of shredded chicken tonight. I think she was quite pleased.

We picked out Charlotte on my 23rd birthday. For years I had dreamed of owning a small fluffy dog that could live in inside the house and would not shed either(I hate dog hair in the house). I thought that dream would come when I was an official home owner or after we had all of our kids but I decided I needed that dog sooner than later. Greg and I had been trying to get pregnant for a few months before my 23rd birthday and obviously having no luck.  Feeling down one evening and with my 23rd birthday coming later that week I remember shouting at Greg,”I want a dog for my birthday!!!”
Now Greg being a man who knows how to keep his woman happy (and knows what a negative pregnancy test does to his woman) quickly gave in to my demand. I saw a cute picture of Charlotte and her siblings on KSL and decided I must see those puppies. I had an inkling one of them was supposed to be mine!  On the evening of my birthday we went to look at those puppies. I told the breeder not to tell us the sex of any of the dogs so we could choose regardless of gender. I left the decision of what dog to choose up to Greg (to make sure he would love the dog too!). Greg loved Charlotte’s cute white paw and that was that. My dream of having an adorable fluffy dog had come true.

Charlotte at six weeks old. Can I get an awwwwwww?

Thank goodness for this dog.  She kept me company during two different alarm sales summers while Greg and I were in college which would have been terribly boooooooooooring and lonely without her.  I owe it to Charlotte for making me go on a million walks while pregnant so I didn’t gain any more weight than I did.  She makes a great furry sibling for Lydia and keeps me warm on cold winter nights by cuddling with me on the couch.  But she does bark wildly every time Lydia cries.  It’s really annoying.  Other than that, we love this dog.

Saint George here we come.

This picture of Charlotte really doesn’t have anything to do with the content of this post, but isn’t she cute? She could easily pass as a stuffed animal. And that’s what makes her positively dreamy as an animal.  What?  You didn’t dream of having a real life dog that looked like a stuffed animal as a child?

We are off to Saint George tomorrow! My brother Kade is getting hitched to his love Jasmine this Friday in the St. George temple. You will remember them from here.  I am sure tears will be shed, probably only from me, since I am the only cry baby in the family.  And all four of my siblings will all be in the temple for the first time with our spouses.  I am pretty darn excited and that’s something to shed some happy tears over right?  Now I need to stop writing and get to work.  Lots of packing and such to do to get prepped for this weekend.

The best of friends.

Well maybe not the best of friends. Lydia loves Charlotte, but Charlotte’s love toward Lydia can come and go that’s for sure. Charlotte mostly loves the crumbs and food Lydia constantly feeds her. And the fact we go on walks all the time because Lydia loves them. I am hoping Lydia won’t think it’s hilarious to chase Charlotte around the house soon. That would make the dog a bit happier about their relationship.


Now it’s off to a weekend with these two and the rest of my family at my Dad’s property up in the mountains! It’s our first time taking Charlotte camping. I am a little afraid some sort of animal will want her for dinner. I don’t think I will be able to let her out of my sight!