Lineras family. Utah family photographer.

 photo LinerasfamilyKaraSimmons_1_zpskzpb76id.jpg
 photo LinerasfamilyKaraSimmons_2_zpsm7agh8rp.jpg
 photo LinerasfamilyKaraSimmons_5_zps5f31yawq.jpg
 photo LinerasfamilyKaraSimmons_6_zpsbqz1ihmk.jpg
 photo LinerasfamilyKaraSimmons_9_zpsck6mzsi3.jpg
 photo LinerasfamilyKaraSimmons_19_zpsfapp8uxa.jpg
 photo LinerasfamilyKaraSimmons_21_zpscg60zb71.jpg
 photo LinerasfamilyKaraSimmons_24_zpscnwc1xcn.jpg
 photo LinerasfamilyKaraSimmons_26_zpshr0isj1k.jpg
 photo LinerasfamilyKaraSimmons_29_zpsdghrrzvp.jpg
 photo LinerasfamilyKaraSimmons_31_zpsp3kvmsvn.jpg
 photo LinerasfamilyKaraSimmons_33_zpsockjxar9.jpg
 photo LinerasfamilyKaraSimmons_36_zpst5hamykr.jpg
 photo LinerasfamilyKaraSimmons_41_zpsrjreizv0.jpg
 photo LinerasfamilyKaraSimmons_43_zps9s9may5c.jpg


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