Rem, a hospital visit.

 photo RemRobisonKSimmons_4_zps3syopoep.jpg
 photo RemRobisonKSimmons_5_zps47opv4ul.jpg
 photo RemRobisonKSimmons_8_zpsbyg2sdck.jpg
 photo RemRobisonKSimmons_10_zpsemhyew38.jpg
 photo RemRobisonKSimmons_16_zpsfbshggj9.jpg
 photo RemRobisonKSimmons_36_zps7ele58wp.jpg
 photo RemRobisonKSimmons_38_zpscjkrttxg.jpg
 photo RemRobisonKSimmons_44_zpsajadv37r.jpg
 photo RemRobisonKSimmons_47_zpsvrbcbsad.jpg
 photo RemRobisonKSimmons_55_zpsaarpk109.jpg
 photo RemRobison1KSimmons_zpseoayony3.jpg
 photo RemRobison1KSimmons_10_zpszctaqavm.jpg
 photo RemRobison1KSimmons_12_zps5pwlmsfx.jpg
 photo RemRobison1KSimmons_15_zpsa7pnpzie.jpg
 photo RemRobison1KSimmons_18_zpshsctuc6y.jpg
 photo RemRobison1KSimmons_20_zpsf8se6knk.jpg
 photo RemRobison1KSimmons_22_zps2f3s3uiw.jpg


One thought on “Rem, a hospital visit.

  1. I can’t believe how much he has changed already. Thanks so much for these photos. I love them! And that top picture of Reese is my favorite! Hahaha!!!

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