Energy Healing.

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For months I have been wanting to share my experience with energy healing.  I was introduced to it by my friend and body code practitioner Stephanie Newbold.  I never felt like I was able to find the words to do this process justice and how it has made miraculous effect on my body!  But finally, here it is!  My experience with energy healing.

I have mentioned it here and there, but in case you didn’t know, I’ve had a real rocky relationship with pregnancy. I guess not pregnancy itself, but it’s the getting pregnant that has been the challenge.

Greg and I had been married over a year when we decided to go off birth control. For months afterwards, my cycles never regulated and I could never count on when a cycle would start. We weren’t too worried in the first few months. We were both in college which made us busy and distracted. But then a year hit since I went off birth control, and I was getting real worried. I contacted my doctor, explained what was happening, he had us take a medicine to jump start my cycle and I went on a low dose of clomid. It didn’t work. The next cycle he put me on a higher dose and had us come in for a test to see if ovulation was happening. It showed that my body wasn’t responding the way it should have. Greg and I were starting to get really nervous on what was going on and if something was seriously wrong. I was supposed to go in the following week for a blood test to see if ovulation did actually happen according to my hormone levels, but I didn’t go. I was in my last semester of college, and wanted to concentrate on school and then getting a job before trying to start this infertility process if it was going to be a process. I was also incorporating a couple of sessions of reflexology during this time. I figured my body wasn’t responding to these sessions either because of the negative ovulation test.

Much to our amazement and surprise, we found out we were pregnant a few weeks later! After just two cycles of clomid and a couple of reflexology sessions we were pregnant. We were counting our lucky stars that that’s all it took after we were thinking the worst and thoroughly enjoyed that easy breezy pregnancy with our oldest Lydia.

After Lydia was born we started trying for baby number two when she turned about one. We were anxious to start trying for another child since it was a scare to get pregnant in the first place. I stopped breastfeeding at 10 months with Lydia, and my cycles once again never regulated. It’s hard to get pregnant when you don’t know when ovulation is happening for your body! After a few months, we approached my doctor again for help. A few months and a few rounds of clomid went by and we saw no results. It was clear to me that my doctor at that time definitely didn’t know how to treat or help patients with infertility and so I searched for one who did. My next doctor was much more proactive and knowledgeable on his infertility drugs. We went on a different drug called femara for a few months and had tests done to see if my body was responding. It wasn’t. Or if it did it was only incremental. And so with this happening, we were recommended to try a fertility clinic to see if there was something greater happening in stopping me with getting pregnant.

Off to the fertility clinic we went! With our first appointment our Doctor felt really positive about being able to achieve pregnancy and we felt like we were on the right track. But fertility treatments are expensive. And fertility meds are expensive. Like punch you in the gut make you cry looking at your bank account expensive. But we felt good about moving forward despite the costs and so we did.

After a couple of cycles on femara being closely monitored by the clinic, they saw I needed a heavier drug to get my body to ovulate. We then tried out a drug called menupor. It is a shot I had to give myself in the stomach. This drug finally gave us the results we were looking for! After doing all that we could to achieve pregnancy, we found out we were pregnant through a blood test at the fertility clinic. Our two year journey of drugs and tests and drugs and tests was over! Again, Greg and I were counting our blessings that we were able to have another child.

Ever the optimist I am, I thought trying for our third child we should just be able to do the same thing with Menupor and we would get pregnant easy peasy. Of course that’s not what happened. After our second child Hazel was born, we started trying once again for another child when Hazel was just over a year old. After three cycles with Menupor, no success. The drug was working, but a pregnancy wasn’t happening. We felt pretty discouraged and upset, but still optimistic in the next couple of years or so to come we would get pregnant. We decided to go on a break for just under a year, didn’t think about fertility drugs or tests, and just enjoyed our girls and life. But then that time was up, and I was ready to get pregnant! We hit the drugs full force and decided to try out intrauterine insemination to see if that would achieve pregnancy. Our first attempt at an IUI looked promising, but no dice.

Now starting out with fertility drugs years ago, they really had no affect on me. I felt pretty normal and I was more sore on the stomach than anything from where I gave myself my shots! But each time I would go on another round, those fertility drugs were starting to kick my butt more and more. It’s probably because I had to go on huge doses to get my body to respond. And because I needed huge doses, the cost of those darn drugs really really added up.

Now it was time for a second attempt at an IUI! The drugs worked for ovulation, too darn well. I over stimulated! A lot. Meaning I made quite a bit of eggs wanting to be fertilized. Super uncomfortable. Had to go in for a reduction to get those extra eggs out before my second IUI so we didn’t get pregnant with seven babies or something crazy like that. We waited for the news if we were pregnant and you guessed it! Didn’t work.

Attempt number three with IUI here we go! Oh just kidding, I developed cysts around my ovaries from the over stimulation process. Taking birth control and three weeks were needed to get rid of those things before we tried again.

Round three IUI, we got it started after I healed. And I over stimulated again! Instead of having a reduction, the fertility clinic offered the option of us doing In Vitro fertilization. The cost wasn’t going to be nearly as expensive as a normal round of In Vitro would cost and our chances of getting pregnant more than doubled. We decided to go for it!
We got through the egg harvesting procedure, things looked good. The sperm and eggs were put together, things looked good. Guys, the morning came that we went into the clinic to have two of our best embryos inserted, but our Doctor informed us out of 15 embryos, only three made it to that morning, and they did not look good. Not good at all. We put all three embryos in hoping that just one would take. I cried during the entire procedure knowing if these little embryos didn’t work, we would have to do this awful process all over again. I remember staring up at the ceiling feeling completely broken over the whole thing. I tried to calm down and think positively, but at the time I just couldn’t.

The day came to take my blood pregnancy test, but I had started to spot the very same day. I kept hopeful, but that sign meant things weren’t looking good. To my surprise our results came back pregnant. But our HCG levels were very low, meaning it being a viable pregnancy wasn’t likely. I had to wait over the weekend to take another blood pregnancy test, and that one came back negative. We lost the pregnancy.

Now why did I tell you all this? I actually kept asking myself this, but I wanted to go into somewhat of a detailed account about all the complications that were happening and so you could see how completely worked over my body was. I was exhausted. With this information I wanted to show how life changing energy healing can be when you think your body isn’t wanting to work with you at all anymore.

Fortunately for me, Stephanie and I made contact to start the energy healing process that very same week we found out that In Vitro did not work out for us. From the first session, I felt hope that the fertility center wasn’t our last and only option. Through each session I had with Stephanie I felt more and more free from the heaviness that was residing in my body from years of the battles with infertility.
Through this process, I was able to actually have a “normal” timed cycle after only a month of working with Stephanie. For years guys I was never able to predict a cycle. Years! I was stunned and ecstatic for what this meant on how to achieve pregnancy without being on heavy fertility meds. Then to Greg and I’s astonishment, we found out we were pregnant with our third child the beginning of 2016. We are due September 7th with a baby girl!

Before I started energy healing with Stephanie, I was incredibly lost on what to do for my body if In Vitro wasn’t even resulting in a pregnancy for me. I know I am not the only one who feels this way when it comes to their body battling something so huge and life changing. I feel like I have found out about this amazing gift that everyone needs to know about and benefit from! My life has obviously changed drastically for the better because of working with Stephanie. I cannot stress taking advantage of energy healing enough to people! I recommend it for any health problem or struggle you could be suffering from. From digestive issues to allergies or in my case, infertility problems. 🙂

Please don’t wait to contact Stephanie. The results from working with her will greatly benefit your life and health! You have nothing to lose by trying this way of healing. Feel free to contact me with any questions if you would like to know more about my experience! Email me at

You can reach Stephanie through her facebook page at Stephanie Newbold Energy Healing.  You can also take a look at the page to see testimonials of others who have benefited from energy healing.


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