Glinda the good witch and Dorothy.

 photo Halloween2015KSimmons_zpsmjhbiwwe.jpg
 photo Halloween2015KSimmons_4_zpspsdag26c.jpg
 photo Halloween2015KSimmons_2_zpst6iu90ki.jpg
 photo Halloween2015KSimmons_6_zpsuf4nzjsr.jpg
 photo Halloween2015KSimmons_3_zpser25jhxp.jpg
 photo Halloween2015KSimmons_5_zpsffgns8th.jpg
 photo Halloween2015KSimmons_1_zps2mi2oelz.jpg
 photo Halloween2015KSimmons_7_zpsu3lrcgrt.jpg
 photo Halloween2015KSimmons_8_zpsmejlcbfy.jpg


One thought on “Glinda the good witch and Dorothy.

  1. So sweet! Libby was Dorothy 2 years ago and little Logan was the scarecrow. My FAVORITE costumes to date. Your girls look darling.

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