Lydia turns six.

 photo july302015KSimmons_zpsmrbqyovc.jpg
 photo july302015KSimmons_1_zpsd8ftxiic.jpg
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 photo july302015KSimmons_10_zps8boh6ogi.jpg
 photo july302015KSimmons_11_zpsgzui0n9i.jpg
 photo july302015KSimmons_12_zpswm77vgcq.jpg
 photo july302015KSimmons_13_zpsccnjuewy.jpg
 photo july302015KSimmons_14_zpsddcuar7m.jpg
 photo july302015KSimmons_15_zpsygfidzbb.jpg
 photo july302015KSimmons_16_zpsawg5uwo3.jpg
Lydia’s birthday has come and gone. Her birthday was the day after we came home from quick trip to Lake Powell with friends so I was kind of putting things together for her as the day went along! I felt bad I didn’t wake her up with her traditional balloons all over her room and leading down the stairs, but she was a good sport about it and didn’t even think twice about it until I bought balloons to do it for her another day. We went and saw a new movie she wanted to see and then it was time to meet family at a pizza place for dinner. Then it was off to a park to sing to her with her barbie cake. I have seen barbie cakes made by my friend for years and I knew Lydia would love one, I surprised her this year with her barbie cake and she of course was delighted. Lighting the candles was a bit tricky as you see in pictures because of the wind, but Lydia was happy nonetheless.  Lydia is lucky to have many family members around us.  She was surrounded by cousins galore, which she was pretty happy about.  Lydia is now about to start first grade in just two weeks!  It feels a bit surreal to have a six year old and have her going to school all day long, but time moves along, and I have to be okay with it!  Even though I don’t feel ready to her to leave all day, I know she’s ready.  Lydia is a social and loving girl and can’t wait to be around friends all day.  I think Hazel and I are going to be pretty lonely without our Lydia around.  We love her so.  Happy sixth birthday Lydia Denise!


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