My tester.

 photo TFowlerKSimmons_9_zpsdhpsjjmd.jpg
 photo TFowlerKSimmons_8_zpsizj54kc6.jpg
 photo TFowlerKSimmons_7_zpsxs5sfomq.jpg
 photo TFowlerKSimmons_6_zps3h2hrpv8.jpg
 photo TFowlerKSimmons_5_zps73yhk2ej.jpg
 photo TFowlerKSimmons_4_zps9bilnn9z.jpg
 photo TFowlerKSimmons_3_zpsl2nf8non.jpg
Other photographer’s seem to always have a new set of beautiful images every other week of their own children, whether it be with their studio equipment or at some amazing location. I feel like barely keep my children looking decent for a brief catch up photo shoot every couple of months! But hey, we call do what we can do and it looks like that can just be something for me to improve upon. I think I shot these of Hazel a couple of months ago? I like to bring her in to test my light just to make sure I am good to go. Most of the time her hair is a wreck or her clothes have food on them, but she actually was pretty cute and cooperative her. Hazel has a goofy little personality. I think that shines through in these pictures. 🙂


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