Thueson family.

 photo Thueson2014KSimmons_3_zps7sv6hd2t.jpg
 photo Thueson2014KSimmons_16_zpsmstee525.jpg
 photo Thueson2014KSimmons_18_zpsyy9vexb9.jpg
 photo Thueson2014KSimmons_6_zpsst5avc6o.jpg
 photo Thueson2014KSimmons_23_zpsnzpbnxei.jpg
 photo Thueson2014KSimmons_25_zps1lfif9m5.jpg
 photo Thueson2014KSimmons_32_zpszczewaul.jpg
 photo Thueson2014KSimmons_35_zpsgcfacobj.jpg
 photo Thueson20142KSimmons_8_zpsdtsl2ly3.jpg
 photo Thueson20142KSimmons_10_zpsbhxfsvjl.jpg
 photo Thueson20142KSimmons_17_zpsbk25xqpz.jpg
Shot the end of December 2014 at Tibble Fork, Utah. Pretty sure my fingers felt like the were going to fall off at the end I was so cold, but it was totally worth it. 🙂


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