Little jumper.

You should see this girl jump in person. Hazel loves to jump, jump, jump. But mainly by herself. She gets peeved at her sister and any other big kids that might come bounce to high to ruin her fun.  Hazel loves it when Greg or I come on the tramp with her.  She basically likes us to sit there and she will bounce around us or come tackle us with a hug.  All the while giggling with every bounce. I need to record this because it’s pretty darn cute.
 photo may212015KSimmons_23_zpslfemqosm.jpg

 photo may212015KSimmons_24_zpsli6a5e6s.jpg

 photo may212015KSimmons_25_zpsmgyfhgog.jpg

 photo may212015KSimmons_26_zpskb020dea.jpg

 photo may212015KSimmons_27_zpsxgqxeqsy.jpg

 photo may212015KSimmons_28_zpsfjvbocsc.jpg

 photo may212015KSimmons_29_zpsufszcyje.jpg

 photo may212015KSimmons_30_zpsoa6uzmfu.jpg

 photo may212015KSimmons_31_zps7y850zww.jpg


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