Maui was a dream.

Greg and I both turned 30 in March. For months before our big birthdays we were brainstorming what we should do to celebrate turning the big 3-0. We decided a beach vacation was in order. While going through different options of locations, my Mom and step Dad were planning their trip to Maui. Then the thought occurred to me, why not hop on their vacation and share a condo with them that they were planning to rent in Maui? I asked my Mom, maybe whined and begged, and she was nice enough to say yes! We booked our flights then next week and plans were set! Greg and I hadn’t been to Hawaii yet and we were counting down the days until our big vacation arrived. We left the last day of April and stayed for entire week. The entire vacation was a dream. We had a blast each and every day. I wasn’t able to take my Nikon every where I wanted, most adventures I left it back in the condo to keep it safe. But during this vacation I wanted to challenge myself on taking better landscape and nature photography.  I made sure to pack it around with us on some adventures to capture the incredible scenery Maui has to offer.  I am proud to say I have already printed two of my favorite pictures from the vacation, just need to hang them up!

Our first day there we visited the amazing Bayan tree park in Lahaina.  All of the branches you see here is from one tree.  Incredible!
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_zpsyrsooll2.jpg
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_1_zpskmtpdotr.jpg
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_2_zpsas5bvw4w.jpg
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_3_zpsf33cmmms.jpg
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_4_zpsx4uregvq.jpg
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_5_zps8afxdv4s.jpg
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_6_zpswxr2odtz.jpg
The second day in Maui we drove to the Iao valley and needle.  The views were awesome as you can see.  We were lucky in the fact that it wasn’t a cloudy or rainy day.  This way we were able to have the beautiful views that we did have.
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_7_zpshrhuotoi.jpg
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_8_zpsm6gip2o1.jpg
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_9_zpsgjqgn6dr.jpg
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_10_zpsiwdbosff.jpg
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_11_zpsipus0plb.jpg
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_12_zpsqufe96et.jpg
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_13_zpstiyu6uyq.jpg
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_14_zps1pquzfi9.jpg
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_15_zpsj8srz3av.jpg
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_16_zpsipdcxufk.jpg
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_17_zps7rsu0t8o.jpg
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_18_zpsyorrphec.jpg
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_19_zpskdyp1cua.jpg
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_20_zpsv52cne3j.jpg
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_21_zpsrf3bzfii.jpg
Driving out of the Iao valley we came across a crazy big bayan tree.  You can’t touch or swing from the giant bayan tree in Lahaina, but nobody was stopping us at this one!  We might have gotten a little too excited to swing from the vines.  See for yourself.
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_22_zpskpckqwsd.jpg
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_23_zps3ysfxl9v.jpg
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_24_zpsa9penvam.jpg
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_25_zpsnq7orhgu.jpg
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_26_zpsmltte2ts.jpg
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_27_zpsnqgorqse.jpg
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_28_zps5tzdidkp.jpg
Our third day into vacation we decided to do the big drive on the Road to Hana.  Our first stop was Punalau Falls.  We bought an App called Maui Revealed and the author claimed if you wanted to see a waterfall the pool that you would basically have to yourself when hiking up to it, this was it.  Greg and I took the chance.  We parked the car off the freeway and made our way through the jungle.  There was hardly a trail but then you dropped into the river and had to hike up to the river to reach the falls.  I was starting to get nervous about how much further we needed to go when all of a sudden we reached a corner and saw the waterfall!  Sure enough, we had the entire pool and waterfall to ourselves.  It was crazy amazing.  So amazing in fact that I kept repeating, “this is amazing.  I can’t believe we are here!”  I bet Greg was sick of hearing it over and over again, but I really couldn’t get over it.  Like a scene out of a movie!
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_30_zpsimomudbo.jpg
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_32_zps8hrcppfw.jpg
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_33_zpsu5ndwjyc.jpg
We continued on the road to Hana and reached a little town called Keane.  Keane had beautiful views and a delicious banana bread stand we stopped at.  It’s about half way on the road to Hana.
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_34_zpsealodxi5.jpg
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_35_zpsnfhzzk8u.jpg
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_36_zpsif2n8tee.jpg
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_37_zpsrs8z4xxh.jpg
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_38_zpso0ocpk6l.jpg
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_39_zpsjwcj0iod.jpg
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_40_zpsgsfs1irk.jpg
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_41_zpsrmzbsovh.jpg
Next stop was the famous Seven Sacred Pools!  I was really excited for this one.  You normally are able to go right to the pools and swim in them, but because the run off was so powerful and high the time of year we went, nobody was allowed to get near them.  Pretty disappointed, but it was a beautiful sight to see nonetheless.
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_43_zpsqnq9ha88.jpg
From the pools we went right onto the hike on the Pipiwai trail.  Here you pass by an incredible waterfall, make your way through the gorgeous bamboo forest, and arrive at the Waimoku falls.  A four hundred foot waterfall.  It was loud to say the least and we were wet just standing fifty feet away from where the water landed.
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_44_zps3jlobqm4.jpg
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_45_zpsbbj7bm5r.jpg
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_46_zps5jy0z8vr.jpg
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_47_zps1fcmmu9a.jpg
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_50_zpsceruonda.jpg
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_52_zpsuyfkhj6o.jpg
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_53_zpsvnkwa27n.jpg
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_54_zpsbf55uold.jpg
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_55_zpssdkllpgb.jpg
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_56_zpsvkp9hbe0.jpg
After our hike, we headed even further south out of the road to Hana.  We turned around to see these rainbows forming right over the ocean.  It was breathtaking to be there!  There were a couple of others that had stopped to take in the views too.  A young Asian woman started running down the hill in front of us and singing.  I had to admit I was tempted to do the same thing because the darn sight was just that beautiful.  Greg and I both got some shots with our cameras when all of a sudden it started down pouring.  A crazy fast downpour.  We ran to our car which was only twenty feet or so away and we were still pretty wet.  Greg and I started laughing pretty hard when we realized that that poor woman was probably clear down that steep hill getting drenched!  I am happy it wasn’t me!  Haha.
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_57_zpsbl549zu8.jpg
A few days into our vacation we made a trek out to the Olivine pools.  When first wandering into the pools I was horrified to find a little creature’s head poking out of a hole!  I thought it was an eel.  Upon further inspection we realized it was these little tiny fish that lived in these pools and would hide out in the holes.  Greg was brave and took a dip in the deepest pool area and then made me do the same.  How often can you say you have done that?  Of course we had to since we were there.  We saw little black crabs wandering around and were able to get right close to the powerful ocean waves coming up on the side of the rocks.
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_59_zps0w0gh73h.jpg
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_60_zps8un6wreb.jpg
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_61_zps7uhxf1ff.jpg
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_64_zps6319mccv.jpg
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_66_zpspgt7jviu.jpg
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_67_zpsdom4rsge.jpg
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_71 copy_zpspndw5zo4.jpg
Greg and I like to visit to the most plush hotels on the island.  We liked the Ritz-Carlton’s luxury much better than the Four Seasons.  We wandered around, get the complimentary water and juices they have, and relax on their fun bungalows and hammocks.  Not too shabby of a place to visit.
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_72_zps7v1caemy.jpg
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_73_zpsprj7klzh.jpg
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_74_zpsxg7xlumk.jpg
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_75_zpspuoikpdr.jpg
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_76_zpsa2e4xkwd.jpg
 photo Hawaii2015KSimmons_77_zps5df9lvyr.jpg
And that is the last of my images from the dream of a vacation we had.  I also took many pictures of our other adventures on my phone which was posted to my Instagram account throughout the vacation and long after we were home too!  I am sure people were sick of me over sharing, but I couldn’t help it!  The vacation was a straight up dream, we wanted to cry when driving to the airport to go home.  But we were pretty darn excited to see our sweet girls.  I missed them so much it hurt.  I just wanted to thank my Mom and Step-Dad once again for letting us hop on their wonderful Hawaiian vacation!  We had such a blast.  I keep reliving moments in my head so I won’t forget.  That’s why I take the millions of pictures that I do!  I don’t want to forget the incredible memories we made.

Maui was a dream.  We can’t wait to take the girls with us one day.  But that won’t be for years to come.  So for now, I will stare at our pictures and remember all of our incredible adventures.


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