Lisa and Adam. Bridals/Groomals at Salt Lake Temple.

 photo LisaMayBridalsKSimmons_26_zpsxld9w1ci.jpg
 photo LisaMayBridalsKSimmons_27_zpsaqla0589.jpg
 photo LisaMayBridalsKSimmons_31_zps7xngslpy.jpg
 photo LisaMayBridalsKSimmons_33_zpsyvmim3ry.jpg
 photo LisaMayBridalsKSimmons_46_zpsetitjzql.jpg
 photo LisaMayBridalsKSimmons_50_zpsbgnimpxz.jpg
 photo LisaMayBridalsKSimmons_54_zpscneoxnjk.jpg
 photo LisaMayBridalsKSimmons_61_zpsjxiu79ia.jpg
 photo LisaMayBridalsKSimmons_67_zpsfyjd4lp4.jpg
 photo LisaMayBridalsKSimmons_68_zpsbrvmlmhv.jpg
 photo LisaMayBridals2KSimmons_2_zps4gzd1rjb.jpg
 photo LisaMayBridals2KSimmons_8_zpsgyblb4oc.jpg
 photo LisaMayBridals2KSimmons_9_zpsjhjg47mz.jpg
 photo LisaMayBridals2KSimmons_10_zpsyjtbfihm.jpg
Taken in February of 2015.


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