Kindergarten graduate.

Kindergarten graduation happened. It’s amazing to see watch Lydia grow and develop. I am proud to be her parent. She exudes happiness and goodness.  This translated into how she viewed her first year of school.  This first year of school has been very rewarding for her in many aspects.  It makes me excited to see what is in store for the years to come!  I am dreading her being at school starting in August when she goes into first grade.    But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves!  We still have summer!

Lydia’s program was adorable.  Singing and dance was involved!  Lydia even had a speaking part.  I would ask her almost daily what her part was.  She would roll her eyes and say, “Mom, I already know my part!  You don’t need to ask me.”  She gets her confidence from her daddy. 😉  She received a diploma and Greg brought her a flower lei.  Lydia loved it except she wanted to keep taking it off to keep it safe.  I don’t know what her plans with it are.  But she was quite serious about keeping it safe.

I love this girl.  Greg and I had to both keep choking back the tears 90% of the time.  We couldn’t even talk to each other much because we both were on the verge of tears!  Ha.  Thank goodness we have a fun summer ahead of us because I don’t want to even think about her leaving me all day next year.
 photo may212015KSimmons_1_zpse12t2f49.jpg
 photo may212015KSimmons_zpsgpcoal1y.jpg
 photo may212015KSimmons_4_zpsa3p6b1xd.jpg
 photo may212015KSimmons_5_zpsenvpp6dw.jpg
 photo may212015KSimmons_6_zpsexz2hdp9.jpg
 photo may212015KSimmons_7_zpsuzdosgoq.jpg
 photo may212015KSimmons_9_zpsbsuwfrjg.jpg
 photo may212015KSimmons_10_zpsnzwwxqdq.jpg
 photo may212015KSimmons_11_zpsfav3d3rq.jpg
 photo may212015KSimmons_12_zpsatlhkqp9.jpg
 photo may212015KSimmons_13_zps3vfvm4zp.jpg
 photo may212015KSimmons_14_zpsv71zrsl0.jpg
 photo may212015KSimmons_15_zpspkxanuvt.jpg
 photo may212015KSimmons_16_zps0ypzumss.jpg
 photo may212015KSimmons_17_zpswmuk5bvf.jpg
 photo may212015KSimmons_18_zpshicemwkv.jpg
 photo may212015KSimmons_19_zpsdygqg4a6.jpg
 photo may212015KSimmons_20_zpspgbybdmz.jpg
 photo may212015KSimmons_21_zpsfhpi30bd.jpg
 photo may212015KSimmons_22_zpskuagxb7i.jpg


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