Hazel the two year old.

Hazel turned two on us. Hazel adds so much life to our home.  Words that can describe her are lively, spirited, and happy.  Her happiness is contagious.  Hazel gives us all the giggles when she is being particularly wild.  Hazel is starting to chat away, but doesn’t have the clearest pronunciation yet, so sometimes I almost miss what she is trying to explain to me.  Her favorite phrases are, “Let go!, I know!, there it is, and ready, set, go!”  Hazel loves to try and keep up with Lydia.  If Lydia is doing homework, Hazel needs to be pretending to do homework, if Lydia is riding her bike around the block, Hazel is trying to scoot her wiggle car after her.  It’s cute and endearing to see.  Hazel loves family group hugs.  Hazel also loves a good hop, jump, and twirl.  Hazel keeps me company while Lydia is at kindergarten.  Hazel loves to see the school bus pick Lydia up and drop Lydia off.  Hazel also love mickey mouse as most toddlers too.  I thought it would be fitting to get her a minnie mouse cake to match the minnie mouse dress my mother sewed for Lydia a few years ago.  I knew Hazel would love to be dressed like minnie and have the cake the same.  When I showed her the cake, she kept pointing and saying Minnie with a big grin.  That made my day and party prep worth it.  The future for Hazel looks full of adventure and happiness with the way her personality is going.  I am incredibly happy to be her mother.  Happy birthday to our beautiful two year old!
 photo april25KSimmons_zpsnlb0ujwc.jpg
 photo april25KSimmons_2_zpsbwu0ymm6.jpg
 photo april25KSimmons_3_zpszuqqcwxv.jpg
 photo april25KSimmons_4_zpsoxcadimz.jpg
 photo april25KSimmons_5_zpsanivfo9k.jpg
 photo april25KSimmons_6_zps1yk1iovv.jpg
 photo april25KSimmons_7_zpso3rxjohq.jpg
 photo april25KSimmons_9_zpsvfnihuwt.jpg
 photo april25KSimmons_8_zpsakmuw0vx.jpg
 photo april25KSimmons_10_zpszslcjqc3.jpg
 photo april25KSimmons_11_zpsi65xekv7.jpg
 photo april25KSimmons_12_zpsfyhcx8sq.jpg
 photo april25KSimmons_13_zpsqlazocil.jpg
 photo april25KSimmons_14_zpsobpeke0y.jpg
 photo april25KSimmons_15_zpslfgrjnmb.jpg
 photo april25KSimmons_16_zpshkhaioly.jpg
 photo april25KSimmons_17_zpsg1szvo48.jpg
 photo april25KSimmons_18_zpsmzy2oadt.jpg
 photo april25KSimmons_19_zpsxluknj2g.jpg
 photo april25KSimmons_20_zpsewcefska.jpg


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