Little stinker.

 photo march192015KSimmons_10_zpsd5rmdhbz.jpg

 photo march192015KSimmons_11_zpsdhye4kgt.jpg
 photo march192015KSimmons_12_zpsrgxenck5.jpg
 photo march192015KSimmons_13_zpswrq5wa99.jpg
Hazel was actually being quite the stinker when taking these spring pictures. I am surprised I got the ones that I did! I really should have waited for Greg to get home to make the girls really laugh, but I needed to get them done! So I did my best with this almost two year old with no one to help reinforce the smiles.  She lasted a few minutes, and then was pretty much done with me.  Then I gave her a stuffed animal.  And she was as happy as can be!  Too bad it’s a old stuffed dog that kind of looks like a rat.  Haha!  I wish I had some cuter looking stuffed animals around the house that haven’t been thrashed, but I brought down her baby princess and got a cute couple of candids of her with it.  She loves that baby princess.  Just like her big sister.  It’s pretty cute.  Sleeps with it, carries it around, and gets really sad when Lydia tries to steal it so she can play with it.  Funny girl.  We love her.


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