Emery’s birth story.

I am happy to finally share Emery’s birth story. This sweet girl was born last fall and provided a perfect delivery for her mama Ashley. The most unique part of this delivery is Jake, Emery’s dad, was able to deliver her! Jake is a medical student and was able to do his OB rounds with Ashley’s doctor at the time. Which turned out to be perfect timing to deliver their third child.  Jake was able to check Ashley’s progress throughout labor and did the entire delivery himself with the doctor supervising the entire time.  It was such an incredible moment to photograph for this family.  I can’t thank them enough for having me there for that amazing event.
 photo EmeryBirth_KaraSimmons_22_zps4wa6da2z.jpg
 photo EmeryBirth_KaraSimmons_18_zpstlukchnl.jpg

 photo EmeryBirth_KaraSimmons_zpstucej5oo.jpg
 photo EmeryBirth_KaraSimmons_2_zps47drdaqj.jpg
 photo EmeryBirth_KaraSimmons_3_zps0jdwiosa.jpg
 photo EmeryBirth_KaraSimmons_7_zpstszzdpsx.jpg

 photo EmeryBirth_KaraSimmons_33_zpsaj56khl9.jpg
 photo EmeryBirth_KaraSimmons_28_zpszngqdjfv.jpg
 photo EmeryBirth_KaraSimmons_36_zpsk9uvd7nv.jpg
 photo EmeryBirth_KaraSimmons_40_zpsx5you3tn.jpg
 photo EmeryBirth_KaraSimmons_61_zpsy6dy4a3h.jpg
 photo EmeryBirth_KaraSimmons_63_zps0npqhypt.jpg
 photo EmeryBirth_KaraSimmons_75_zpsd7sw5bsb.jpg
 photo EmeryBirth_KaraSimmons_86_zpsgwmxzn2a.jpg
 photo EmeryBirth_KaraSimmons_92_zpstnc1idg2.jpg
 photo EmeryBirth_KaraSimmons_93_zpss0bdrr2f.jpg
 photo EmeryBirth_KaraSimmons_94_zpsw6bbf4fh.jpg
 photo EmeryBirth_KaraSimmons_95_zpsgcrgyki3.jpg
 photo EmeryBirth_KaraSimmons_97_zpsnjojhsah.jpg
 photo EmeryBirth_KaraSimmons_99_zpsripexy6k.jpg
 photo EmeryBirth_KaraSimmons_101_zpsizlajzrl.jpg
 photo EmeryBirth_KaraSimmons_107_zpstkrbguzq.jpg
 photo EmeryBirth_KaraSimmons_113_zpsfl1v45vp.jpg
 photo EmeryBirth_KaraSimmons_115_zpszqmi55tl.jpg photo EmeryBirth_KaraSimmons_119_zpsfhlku8ta.jpg
 photo EmeryBirth_KaraSimmons_129_zps3hm3ad1n.jpg
 photo EmeryBirth_KaraSimmons_138_zpswifbnc0w.jpg
 photo EmeryBirth_KaraSimmons_141_zpsub07bylg.jpg
 photo EmeryBirth_KaraSimmons_148_zpsk1ocfnnv.jpg
 photo EmeryBirth_KaraSimmons_151_zpsyhxbozpa.jpg
 photo EmeryBirth_KaraSimmons_157_zpswgflo7gx.jpg

 photo EmeryBirth_KaraSimmons_161_zps2tbkaplg.jpg
 photo EmeryBirth_KaraSimmons_163_zpspyanwjll.jpg
 photo EmeryBirth_KaraSimmons_164_zpsuk7xy4m8.jpg


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