Little miss Hazel Evie.

 photo Dec152014_KaraSimmons_1_zps8ycdde5h.jpg
 photo Dec152014_KaraSimmons_2_zpsbystlum2.jpg
 photo Dec152014_KaraSimmons_zpsfvmoanum.jpg
These were taken a couple of months ago, but I will count it as my latest update on Hazel Evie. In just two short months, this little chicka is turning 2! She gets sillier as time goes on. It’s really fun to have her start speaking up for herself and letting us know what she would like around this house. Hazel is a huge fan of her binkies. She’s not allowed to have them outside of nap time or sleep time, so when she does get them she giggles as she puts it in her little mouth. I’m in no rush to get rid of those things because of how happy they make her.  Hazel is developing a love for dolls, princesses, and really, anything her sister loves.  She loves her Anna doll and her aerial baby princess especially.  She sleeps with them in her crib.  She is saying a lot of words and learning new words every day.  Her favorite words at this time are: juice, show, anna, binkies, bottle, baby, more, all done, bus, mom, and dad is what I can think of off the top of my head.  Hazel loves to copy Lydia.  From the way she walks, dances, laughs at things, and I could go on and on.  It’s very cute.  Lydia has a regular mini me that follows her around the house.  Her nap time is getting shorter, but she can now be entertained for small bits of time with Mickey Mouse and Minnie mouse on the tv or phone.  Which definitely helps me get things done in the house without her destroying it. 🙂  I love this Hazel girl.


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