Little Valentine’s.

Before we get too far away from Valentine’s day, just look at all of these cute Valentine’s! I am very lucky to photograph such cute faces. The little Valentine’s session was a success. Thank you too all those who came!
 photo PandLSmithKSimmons_2_zpswlg1qfpv.jpg
 photo PandLSmithKSimmons_4_zpsrtz6eyib.jpg
 photo SandMDamraurKSimmons_1_zpshyprufvr.jpg
 photo SandMDamraurKSimmons_8_zpsxhnwrruo.jpg
 photo SandMDamraurKSimmons_13_zpsbtmz6awv.jpg
 photo DavisgrandkidsKSimmons_4_zpsyyssvfia.jpg
 photo DavisgrandkidsKSimmons_7_zpsfv3js3ml.jpg
 photo DavisgrandkidsKSimmons_10_zpshcvsmq3z.jpg
 photo DavisgrandkidsKSimmons_14_zpsmcr8p6zm.jpg
 photo DavisgrandkidsKSimmons_18_zpsyc3rs4ar.jpg
 photo SloaneLKSimmons_1_zps90oyxqmk.jpg
 photo HudsonKSimmons_2_zpso5j7bxe8.jpg
 photo RandSKSimmons_2_zpsgnjhrwaw.jpg
 photo RandSKSimmons_6_zpsr67edtid.jpg
 photo RandSKSimmons_13_zpswhrjbeh9.jpg


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