Tait family.

 photo TaitFamily2014_KaraSimmons_1_zpsaeb86dc8.jpg
 photo TaitFamily2014_KaraSimmons_19_zpsb3e00a1b.jpg
 photo TaitFamily2014_KaraSimmons_20_zps0273bb47.jpg
 photo TaitFamily2014_KaraSimmons_24_zps0ccea916.jpg
 photo TaitFamily2014_KaraSimmons_26_zps5e7b19c4.jpg
 photo TaitFamily2014_KaraSimmons_32_zpsc38a2ded.jpg
 photo TaitFamily2014_KaraSimmons_42_zps532a1707.jpg
 photo TaitFamily2014_KaraSimmons_44_zps87b2a431.jpg
 photo TaitFamily2014_KaraSimmons_47_zpsf88bc1f6.jpg
My favorite part about this session was helping them announce to friends and family they were having a baby BOY in the spring!
 photo TaitFamily20142_KaraSimmons_7_zps371ad4c3.jpg


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