She’s a nut.

 photo Mayfieldfamily20142_KaraSimmons_zps9c64fd31.jpg photo Mayfieldfamily20142_KaraSimmons_3_zpsf1d8decd.jpg photo Mayfieldfamily20142_KaraSimmons_2_zps007eba7f.jpg photo Mayfieldfamily20142_KaraSimmons_4_zps3fa2b1ce.jpg photo Mayfieldfamily20142_KaraSimmons_1_zpsa1e7f3c4.jpg
Hazel is one of the quirkiest/silliest/sassiest/sweetest personalities I have ever come across. And she just keep getting sillier and sillier with time. Hazel can make Lydia belly laugh when acting silly around the house. Greg and I can only make Lydia belly laugh when tickling her! Hazel makes things lively and fun(and perhaps a little harder) around the house. She is picking up words left and right. Her latest is popcorn. I made popcorn last weekend, brought a bowl out for her and she exclaimed, “popcorn!” She loves the stuff.
We can’t get enough of our Hazel. And I am darn curious to see what she is going to be like as a teenager! And a little scared. 🙂


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