The 4th o’ July.

You guys, I am at the point in the summer where there are one million things going on at once. So I can’t keep up on anything blog posting related. Because that’s last on my to do list! I sound like a broken record every year at this point in the summer, but it’s true. Having too much fun playing, shooting pictures, playing, and then photo processing etc.  But!  Here is evidence we actually had a 4th of July.  Breakfast at Grandma Millers followed by softball/kickball game.  We then made our way up to Park City again this year and just had to stop at that beautiful white barn for pictures.  It’s tradition! 😉  Even the Stouts and Smiths(siblings) made it this year with us.
 photo July42014_KaraSimmons_zps107b649b.jpg photo July42014_KaraSimmons_1_zps586a3a4b.jpg photo July42014_KaraSimmons_2_zps8d856755.jpg photo July42014_KaraSimmons_3_zps1ba8e5a2.jpg photo July42014_KaraSimmons_7_zpsd4173ef9.jpg photo July42014_KaraSimmons_13_zps410da98e.jpg photo July42014_KaraSimmons_14_zpse0ce143e.jpg photo July42014_KaraSimmons_15_zps7175d718.jpg photo July42014_KaraSimmons_16_zpsa83fdf6a.jpg photo July42014_KaraSimmons_16_zpsa83fdf6a.jpg photo July42014_KaraSimmons_18_zpsa6eb6918.jpg photo July42014_KaraSimmons_19_zps8515e803.jpg photo July42014_KaraSimmons_20_zps6326d1ac.jpg photo July42014_KaraSimmons_21_zpse09da0d5.jpg photo July42014_KaraSimmons_22_zpsc525509b.jpg photo July42014_KaraSimmons_23_zps7ca864f1.jpgWe did some playing at parks, grabbed dinner, and then hung out on Park City’s golf course for a couple of hours before the fireworks began.  Such fantastic scenery to take in at Park City!  Really good people watching too. 🙂  I love this holiday!  And there my friends, proof that we did celebrate the 4th of July.


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