Little party, big cake.

The evening of Hazel’s birthday, we had a few family members over to celebrate her birthday and eat cake and ice cream with us. Her fabulous cake was made by my friend Angie Haaga(let me know if you want her info!). Doesn’t she do a fantastic job? I sure think so.  Hazel loved the attention all evening and was giving a cheesy grin to all those who came.  She received such generous presents and got to indulge in cake once again.

 photo April252014_KaraSimmons_27_zps24d1e15c.jpg photo April252014_KaraSimmons_28_zps1bebbcc8.jpg photo April252014_KaraSimmons_29_zpsc8fefa17.jpg photo April252014_KaraSimmons_30_zps169e6da0.jpg photo April252014_KaraSimmons_31_zpse774ac92.jpg photo April252014_KaraSimmons_32_zpsea0e3af5.jpg photo April252014_KaraSimmons_33_zpsad3a45d7.jpg photo April252014_KaraSimmons_35_zpsbb89ffe4.jpg

 photo April252014_KaraSimmons_36_zps86c89ebf.jpg photo April252014_KaraSimmons_37_zps311be8b4.jpg photo April252014_KaraSimmons_38_zpsd64295d7.jpg photo April252014_KaraSimmons_39_zps0eb34912.jpg photo April252014_KaraSimmons_41_zps07e22e24.jpg photo April252014_KaraSimmons_42_zps6f98ad80.jpg

I thought the video of us singing to Hazel was too darling not to share.  She was grinning from ear to ear while we sang.  See for yourself.


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