The cake smash.

 photo April252014_KaraSimmons_zps1459d76b.jpg photo April252014_KaraSimmons_1_zpsbd94c92e.jpg photo April252014_KaraSimmons_2_zpsde1ed1ae.jpg photo April252014_KaraSimmons_3_zps61fa7cbd.jpg photo April252014_KaraSimmons_4_zps30ca3888.jpg photo April252014_KaraSimmons_5_zps758976ba.jpg photo April252014_KaraSimmons_6_zps3e8d33d8.jpg photo April252014_KaraSimmons_7_zpsee2642f5.jpg photo April252014_KaraSimmons_8_zps6c5c5bbf.jpg photo April252014_KaraSimmons_10_zps4f6d4cef.jpg photo April252014_KaraSimmons_9_zps52ad2e02.jpg photo April252014_KaraSimmons_11_zps6759d5ab.jpg photo April252014_KaraSimmons_12_zps58838e23.jpg photo April252014_KaraSimmons_14_zps40c6b82d.jpg
Despite how it may look, Hazel took some convincing to dig into that cake of hers. I thought she would attack it the minute we sat down, but I literally had to keep her from crawling away from it for the first few minutes.  Finally, I dug in a little bit, placed some on her hand and she was a happy girl.  She got the hang on things quickly after that and enjoyed the frosting as you can see.  It’s funny how you think your kids will love this event so much, and then they really aren’t that into it.  HA!  At least the cake was adorable and delish!  And I got the pics I wanted without too much of a mess, so this cake smash was a success.

And I am posting Hazel birthday adventure’s all week long.  Just in case you wanted to know. 🙂


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