Hazel Evie. 11 Months.

 photo April242014_KaraSimmons_1_zps50e40984.jpg photo April242014_KaraSimmons_3_zps5905e4f5.jpg photo April242014_KaraSimmons_2_zpsa5581874.jpg photo April242014_KaraSimmons_4_zpsf7dcb9bd.jpg photo April242014_KaraSimmons_5_zps4948a51e.jpg
In Hazel’s 11 month she’s turned into quite the speedy crawler. I often found myself scanning the room every five seconds to see where she was at next.  She began walking with anything she could push and even took a couple of first steps on her own!  She will stand on her own for a few seconds, but drops before taking any more steps.  Her hair has grown enough to sport a pony on the very top of her head, off to the side(like pictured), and even a couple of ridiculous looking piggie tails.  Hazel and I officially parted ways when it came to eating the last week of her 11th month.  She was hanging onto that one feeding a day and then one morning she woke up and decided she was just fine without a nursing session.  We basically made it a year!  Holy smokes, that’s a long time to nurse when you think about it.  Hazel’s favorite things by far to eat is yogurt and sweet potatoes.  Hazel loves to be outside and even to jump on the tramp with us.  She has lightened up on being such a Mama’s girl and no longer stresses out when I leave her with my sister, mom, or mother-in-law.  Which has been so so nice.  I hope I am not forgetting anything else about her 11th month, but probably am.  These babies grow too fast to remember every little thing, even though I think I will remember!


One thought on “Hazel Evie. 11 Months.

  1. These photos are some of my very favorite of Miss Hazel. She is a beauty! And sooooo lucky to have such a talented mother record her precious face!

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