A taste.

 photo March52014_KaraSimmons_10_zps771f42c1.jpg
We had our first taste of the warm weather months tonight. After a crazy busy March(birthdays, 2 rounds of stomach bugs, and 2 trips out of town) we finally set up the tramp tonight. Every evening or weekend we had available in March was rainy, but finally, we set it up with the warmish weather we had today. Lydia was in trampoline heaven. Bouncing around and demanding we bounce with her and play “crack the egg.” Hazel was giggling in my arms as I bounced lightly around. I saw there are plenty of weeds that need to be taken care of already and plants are coming back to life all around our yard. Lydia and I laid on our backs for a few minutes looking at a plane crossing the sky before coming in. It actually felt like summer. Well, at least a taste of it. And it was wonderful. I can’t wait to dress these girls of ours up in swim suits, eat popsicles, and spend hours in our yard.  I know this is Hazel’s second summer, but really, it’s her first real summer to play.  I can’t wait!


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