photo Feb102014_KaraSimmons_zpse0e26056.jpg photo Feb102014_KaraSimmons_1_zps48301d4c.jpg photo Feb102014_KaraSimmons_2_zpse6d56733.jpg photo Feb102014_KaraSimmons_3_zps37d40643.jpg photo Feb102014_KaraSimmons_4_zps62ac2dc0.jpg photo Feb102014_KaraSimmons_5_zps9e644d33.jpg photo Feb102014_KaraSimmons_6_zps0dbc235f.jpgWe took a quick trip over to Utah Lake a couple of weeks ago.  I did a photo session on the lake in January and it was all frozen over.  I thought Lydia would love because of the movie Frozen.  So off we went on a little family outing.  Sure enough, Lydia loved walking on the frozen lake.  Giggling and stomping around thinking it was pretty darn cool.  Hazel loved it too, even if she didn’t get to crawl around on it.  We were only out for a few minutes before some wind picked up and it was pretty chilly.  I took Hazel to the car while Greg and Lydia did a final walk around the lake.  I could see the smile on Lydia’s face from the car.  As soon as she got in the car I asked her if she loved walking on the lake.  She replied,”Actually Mom, it wasn’t very fun.”

Hmmmm, I would disagree with the way she was acting!  That comment got me all fired up so I told Lydia if she didn’t have fun I was never going to do anything fun for her ever again!  (Why do I act like a four year old myself when I get bothered by her four year old comments?!)  Now for those of you know how sensitive Lydia is, you know what happens next.  She immediately starts crying and saying,”I’m sorry Momma!  I’m sorry.”  Then I felt bad.  But seriously, what do I say back to that?  Funny girl.  She’s full of great responses like that.  The other day I bought them matching shirts.  As I was walking out of the store with the girls I was talking to Hazel and saying, “Aren’t you excited to match your big sister?”
And this was Lydia’s response from behind me, “Big sister isn’t excited to match little sister!”

Oh gosh, what do I do with her?  Makes me laugh and get flustered all at the same time.  Four year olds…


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