Lydia brought this adorable little worksheet home preschool last week. They were on the letter “S” and learning about the seasons.

 photo photo14_zps2eb380ed.jpgDo you see all of her little words?  I adore the way she ran out of room to write the words winter and summer and had to finish the rest of the word above or below it.  I love the painting of the trees she did “with those things we use to get boogies out, expect we didn’t use them to get boogies out.”(Meaning q tips!)  And her name?  I love that the letter D is incredibly big compared to the rest of the letters and the letter A is tiny.  When she first began writing, I was nervous when every letter wasn’t looking how it “properly” should.  Always correcting her and telling her what she needed to work on.  Don’t I sound like such a fun mom?  Geez I need to relax.  Because I love these imperfections of hers!  I know a few years I am going to look at her school work and those imperfections of her letters will be gone.  No more words on different lines.  Or artwork made with “the things that get the boogies out.”

I just need to freeze her at every age.  Can I do that?  If I can’t I will still keep taking a million pictures of her a day and keep way too many of these little worksheets to remember her at this stage. 



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