Before the sun is up.

Something fantastic happened this winter. My sister, Kristen, and her family moved five minutes away from us. Lydia and I have been loving it. Greg thinks other wise… Kidding!! Really, kidding. It’s been great having them close and Lydia, like I always mention, adores her cousins. One perk of having them within a few minutes is getting to do a lot more day to day things with Kristen. Such as getting a good work out in. We both are regular in fitting in our exercise during the day, just never before the sun was up. Gold’s Gym was having a deal I just couldn’t pass up in the beginning of this year and I convinced Kristen to sign up with me. I knew if I signed up for this gym pass, I would get my money’s worth by getting my work out in before Greg had to leave for work and before the day started for the girls. Kristen agreed to my crazy plan of getting up in the freezing temperatures and dark, cold early hours.  We get to chat on the way there, laugh at each other when our bodies collapse from fatigue in weight lifting classes, and make plans for other things during the week.  Plus, it’s much much much easier getting up early in the morning knowing someone is waiting on you!  I made a slogan for us this year even: get ripped 2014!  It’s been over a month and we are sticking to this routine.  I am so proud of us I just had to document it.  Getting up early has never ever been my thing.  Now for goofy pictures of us in front of the building we burn all of our treats off in…
 photo photo11_zpsb208b1ec.jpg photo photo21_zps30422a7a.jpgDon’t you all want to get your sweat on with us too?


One thought on “Before the sun is up.

  1. Haha looks like you are sleeping in your picture! I love being closer to you too sista! I actually look forward to getting up! Most mornings anyway. And Greg loves us being so close. I can totally tell 🙂

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