Out to lunch.

After an emotional week saying goodbye to Aunt Michelle, we needed a nice relaxing Saturday.  I declared we were going out to eat for lunch and it must be Jason’s Deli.  I was craving their salad bar.  I was introduced to their salad bar last fall, and I can’t get enough.  I dream of going to their salad bar all the time.  You even get a delightful little ice cream cone at the end of your meal.  Jason’s Deli, you are awesome.
 photo photo5_zps44ecf7f9.jpg

Lydia digs their fruit salad, mini muffins, cucumbers, and extravagant saltine crackers. 🙂 photo photo3_zps10f44b83.jpg

Hazel made a disaster on the floor.  Sorry about that bus boys.   photo photo2_zpsa7c86251.jpg photo photo1_zps0bd5597a.jpg

Hazel loved that taste of ice cream, but if she got too much, she realized how cold it was on her little mouth!  But she always went back for more.
 photo photo4_zps3731d9fe.jpg photo photo12_zps9a4b8b67.jpg

The rest of the Saturday was made doing random errands and watching Captain Phillips once the girls were in bed!  Have you seen that movie?  Geez, it’s intense.  Last Saturday was just what we needed.  Now onto a whole new week!

Also, have you seen my Instagram lately?  I am doing a little project called #theSimmonspictureproject.  I have been trying to get a family picture in each week over a course of a year.  I plan on making my family a nice little flip book of the year when it’s complete.  And bless my family for being such great sports.  Believe it or not, Lydia never has to be coerced to smile for these pictures.  Smiles without complaint.  This girl is something else!

 photo photo13_zpse121d2cf.jpg


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