Heart is heavy.

 photo millerfamily2011_karasimmons_101_zpsbb39befa.jpg
My heart is heavy. Greg’s Aunt Michelle just passed away yesterday after a three long year battle with cancer.  As you can see she leaves behind four beautiful girls and her good husband Brent.  Michelle is a perfect example of a loving, patient, and supportive mother.  While at family functions I never saw her become inpatient or angry with her girls.  She always had a happy and patient approach with them.  Michelle also had a talent with math.  She so kindly took hours out of her life to help me not only pass Math 1050, but get a good grade while I was in college.  Michelle was always the organizer and planner for Greg’s extended family.  Leading us in get togethers and finding good deals at the same time.  

I am grateful for the knowledge that I know Michelle is still living.  I know she will be reunited with her husband and girls one day.  When anger and confusion fills my head of why this happened, I am blessed with the Spirit to know Michelle’s spirit continues to live on.  Thank goodness for the Gospel to teach us of these truths.  

Michelle you will be missed.  


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