Our Christmas Day.

After our Christmas morning at home we packed up for Greg’s parents house. We have brunch and exchange gifts with his side of the family.

 photo Dec252013_KaraSimmons_27_zps89223166.jpg photo Dec252013_KaraSimmons_28_zps786f7d88.jpg photo Dec252013_KaraSimmons_29_zps911ed8f0.jpg

That’s a heart rate monitor I’m holding up.  I could do an entire blog post on how much I love that monitor.   photo Dec252013_KaraSimmons_30_zpse6c8eed8.jpg

We got a table!  Come over for dinner friends.  We can finally fit people! photo Dec252013_KaraSimmons_31_zps9f0c76ab.jpg

I took pictures of Lydia in this Santa Clause dress on Christmas when she was a babe.  And of course I had to do the same for Hazel.   photo Dec252013_KaraSimmons_32_zps937adc89.jpg photo Dec252013_KaraSimmons_33_zpsb716f107.jpg photo Dec252013_KaraSimmons_34_zps8c85adf6.jpg

Onto Mom and Jim’s house for the evening where we eat some more food, of course, and have a gift exchange.  We sure are spoiled aren’t we?   photo Dec252013_KaraSimmons_35_zps8eae715f.jpg photo Dec252013_KaraSimmons_36_zps531349f6.jpg photo Dec252013_KaraSimmons_38_zpse964ecb2.jpg photo Dec252013_KaraSimmons_39_zpsb75f229c.jpg photo Dec252013_KaraSimmons_41_zps5c707d1d.jpg

 photo Dec252013_KaraSimmons_42_zps485f577f.jpg photo Dec252013_KaraSimmons_43_zps4e81e700.jpg photo Dec252013_KaraSimmons_44_zpsbec1e823.jpg photo Dec252013_KaraSimmons_46_zps185a83fb.jpg photo Dec252013_KaraSimmons_48_zpsc151f227.jpg

Can you believe all of these cute cousins?  And there is another baby girl joining this crew in March. 🙂 photo Dec252013_KaraSimmons_49_zps44c95b15.jpgGosh, I sure love our families.  And I love even more that all of our siblings and their kids were there to celebrate with us this year!  That makes the celebrating and gift giving that much better when all of the family is together.  I’m always sad on Christmas night that everything is all over, but a little relieved when everything is all done too!  Now we are into January where life is, for the most part, slow and easy going.  This time of year is always greatly appreciated.  Until I get sick of the cold and demand a St. George trip to warm me up!  We already have our spring St. George trip scheduled.  Counting down the days!


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