Somebody had a Christmas program.

 photo December23_KaraSimmons_14_zpsd50ef834.jpg photo December23_KaraSimmons_15_zpsbe52e941.jpg photo December23_KaraSimmons_16_zps63daf635.jpg photo December23_KaraSimmons_18_zpsac46bf66.jpg photo December23_KaraSimmons_19_zps5df99542.jpg photo December23_KaraSimmons_20_zps0e3e9297.jpg
Lydia’s cute preschool put on a little Christmas program the Friday before Christmas. They sang songs for all of us and Santa even paid them a visit that day too. Lydia was thrilled. Watching the program was tight squeeze! I was pushed in the corner of the room with my Nikon in one hand, face timing Greg with the other hand(he couldn’t make it because of work), and had a baby on my lap. I am surprised I got decent shots at all! I really should have video taped it, but her expressions I captured were pretty fun. 🙂 This girl has no problem performing is what I am quickly learning about her as she is growing up.


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