The New Year.

 photo photo7_zpsb9d88bcc.jpg2013 was a really great year for our little family. Hazel came in April and brought this beam of happiness with her to the family. I’ve sat back a lot this year counting my blessings. Not everything about this year has been perfect of course, because nothing is, but the good has by far outweighed the bad. And I have learned in 2013 that I can do more than I ever thought possible on very little sleep. Some days I wondered how I was functioning. That brings me to what I want to accomplish in 2014. To simplify. To say no to things in life that are going to overwhelm me or take away my time with the girls and Greg. There was a couple of weekends last fall that I just sat there holding Hazel at the end of the weekend incredibly overwhelmed between all that we had going on. I literally felt like I didn’t glance at my baby all weekend long and that made me feel insanely guilty. So! I have already started off 2014 pretty good in my opinion. I have already said “no!” to my idea of running a marathon in a few months that I thought was a good idea when I finished my half marathon last fall. Marathons are always going to be there, but my babies are not. We have too many other activities going on right now that I can tell this marathon would just throw me over the edge. It can wait! That’s what I keep telling myself anyways. And I have the other typical resolutions like becoming more organized, getting up early, prioritizing my time, and just saying no to checking Instagram(I’m addicted, I blame nursing) so many times a day and pick up my scriptures instead! I’m really excited for this year. Lydia will be going to kindergarten(what?!), Hazel will be turning one, we already have an awesome vacation planned with my side of the family, and so many other goals that we have set out to accomplish will be completed this year. Now, onto my year of learning to say no(without guilt too). 🙂


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