Thueson family.

 photo Thueson2013_KaraSimmons_5_zps66ad79de.jpg photo Thueson2013_KaraSimmons_8_zps520ca878.jpg photo Thueson2013_KaraSimmons_10_zpsa01713a8.jpg photo Thueson2013_KaraSimmons_12_zps67352329.jpg photo Thueson2013_KaraSimmons_14_zps2c3a8945.jpg photo Thueson2013_KaraSimmons_21_zps1b430eda.jpg photo Thueson2013_KaraSimmons_23_zps084284f5.jpg photo Thueson2013_KaraSimmons_26_zps22ad0abe.jpg photo Thueson2013_KaraSimmons_32_zps370b117f.jpg photo Thueson2013_KaraSimmons_37_zps676e70a8.jpg photo Thueson2013_KaraSimmons_45_zpsa2f45066.jpg photo Thueson2013_KaraSimmons_48_zps9c7054cf.jpg photo Thueson2013_KaraSimmons_61_zpsc97d1e22.jpg photo Thueson20132_KaraSimmons_3_zpsa7d27d8b.jpgTaken in October of 2013.


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