Sugar cookies.

At a friend get together/Halloween party of sorts in October, my friend brought these amazing sugar cookies. Very very tasty. I had to have the recipe! Turns out it was the Swig sugar cookie recipe. I decided to give it a try last week.  Now you see, I’m not the greatest baker.  I don’t do it enough to learn from my mistakes and I don’t do it enough because I end up eating all of the baked good I make!  But I was determined to make good cookies.  I made chocolate chips cookies a couple of weeks ago that tasted quite yummy right out of the oven, but turned crispy and hard the next day.  Bummer.  I felt the need to redeem myself to my husband.

 photo Dec152013_KaraSimmons_zpsa5b6bc4c.jpg photo Dec152013_KaraSimmons_1_zps6dbc856e.jpg photo Dec152013_KaraSimmons_2_zps5277b4b2.jpg photo Dec152013_KaraSimmons_3_zpsbe6bf43b.jpg photo Dec152013_KaraSimmons_4_zps29f1dab9.jpg

I have to say they turned out pretty darn good.  Just be sure to not over cook them.  Not even one second.  Because that will make the cookie crispy and hard.  Ain’t nobody wants a hard sugar cookie!  I think I might even undercook a bit next time and make the cookies even bigger!  Instead of making gingerbread houses this year, we decided to decorate sugar cookies.  Lydia and her cousins thought it was a good idea too.  Brought to you by awesome low light iphone pictures.  It’s hard to catch natural light when the sun goes down at 5! photo photo3_zps4c117371.jpg photo photo1_zpse95ee3ad.jpg photo photo4_zps1964e399.jpg

Hazel sunk her teeth into the cookie before Greg even had a chance to react.  That girl is quick!   photo photo5_zpsd3e9fe80.jpg photo photo6_zps5670c694.jpgNow go make yourself some sugar cookies!


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