Weight lifted off my shoulders.

 photo Oct25_KaraSimmons_16_zps84f31aae.jpg photo Oct25_KaraSimmons_18_zps919ad490.jpg photo Oct25_KaraSimmons_19_zps9d2e913d.jpg photo Oct25_KaraSimmons_14_zps29f6eadf.jpg photo Oct25_KaraSimmons_15_zps2b51037a.jpg photo Oct25_KaraSimmons_12_zps67ee93f5.jpg photo Oct25_KaraSimmons_9_zps1e4fb398.jpg photo Oct25_KaraSimmons_zpsbaaa210e.jpg photo Oct25_KaraSimmons_1_zpse751ef1c.jpg photo Oct25_KaraSimmons_2_zps28b7122e.jpg photo Oct25_KaraSimmons_4_zpse245e077.jpg photo Oct25_KaraSimmons_6_zps84255716.jpg photo Oct25_KaraSimmons_7_zps64c79c77.jpg photo Oct25_KaraSimmons_8_zpsfc01221e.jpg
Greg declared a couple of weeks ago that we must take a drive up Hobble Creek Canyon and see how beautiful the golf course was there. So on a rare October evening I didn’t have a photo session or Young Women’s(church stuff) to attend to we took that drive. And as you can see, those leaves on the golf course did not disappoint. Lydia loved throwing them around and stomping in them and Hazel loved picking them up and trying to stick them in her mouth.

This fall has been nothing short of crazy.  I have done more photo sessions this fall than ever before, trained and ran a half marathon, was in charge of a huge Young Women’s activity, and had a nursing baby all along the way.  Whew!  But guess what?  That huge Young Women’s activity was last night(Young Women’s in Excellence) and with the cold weather now here, my life has gotten a loooooootttttttttt easier.  I practically came in the door dancing last night I was so excited the night was over with and, most importantly, that it was a success!  For months I had this night on my mind hoping it would come together and it did.  Such a huge weight off of my shoulders!  I kissed each family member a million times last night telling them thank you for bearing with me through this crazy busy fall.  I hope that I don’t sound like I am complaining.  What I want to express is quite the opposite.  I love all these things in my life that make me busy.  The photography, the running, the Gospel, and being a wife and mother.  It just happened to all collide in a couple of months time where everything was full speed ahead.

But now!  Now!  I get to decorate for Christmas.  Actually keep my house clean.  Spend more time with my husband and daughters.  And perhaps get more sleep?!  First, I have many more pretty images to send off to people and then enjoy the Christmas season.  Sounds amazing.


One thought on “Weight lifted off my shoulders.

  1. Those pictures turned out so good. We are lucky we have such beautiful children. You have worked so hard this fall, I am glad you get to relax a little bit. I love you.

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