My last tan line.

 photo Sept2013_KaraSimmons_4_zpsb5f82de4.jpg photo Sept2013_KaraSimmons_3_zps77b1688c.jpg photo Sept2013_KaraSimmons_6_zpsbcfe1063.jpg photo Sept2013_KaraSimmons_7_zps95aafbce.jpg photo Sept2013_KaraSimmons_8_zps74822abc.jpg photo Sept2013_KaraSimmons_9_zpsad9a15e9.jpg photo Sept2013_KaraSimmons_10_zps76a620dd.jpg photo Sept2013_KaraSimmons_11_zps12958b8c.jpg

What feels like months ago, but really only a couple of weeks ago, Greg and I took the girls down to St. George to soak up some sun before cold weather officially hit.  My mom and step-dad have made the nice little purchase of buying a lovely home in St. George and we get to use it being the generous folks they are.  Their house has a community pool which is super warm even on coolish days.  Lydia was in heaven swimming around.  Lydia even did a couple of laps herself, in our arms of course.  Then she took a nap pool side both days we went because swimming is just sooooooo tiring for a five month old.  🙂  We even took a quick day trip to Vegas to see a couple of the CLEAN features to see on the strip.  Like the Bellagio fountains and rides in the Circus Circus.  I did some great shopping and we even were able to visit some friends that we haven’t seen in years.  It was perfect weather then entire weekend we were there.  Perfect for trips to the park and walks for the girls.  The terribly cold weather we saw going on back home made the weather we were experiencing all that much sweeter.  I still have tan lines from this trip.  I assume they will be there until next summer.

And now that this trip is finally documented, I am off to edit and process several thousand images to get them back to all the very patient families waiting for them.  See ya!


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