photo KHardy_KaraSimmons_zpsfa91a2f8.jpg
 photo KHardy_KaraSimmons_5_zps61d070d1.jpg
 photo KHardy_KaraSimmons_17_zps2a4110b4.jpg
 photo KHardy_KaraSimmons_29_zps7c4c2a1c.jpg
 photo KHardy_KaraSimmons_31_zps8ab389a6.jpg
 photo KHardy_KaraSimmons_32_zpsacd5b53d.jpg
 photo KHardy_KaraSimmons_39_zpsd1cebb32.jpg
 photo KHardy_KaraSimmons_46_zpsd16c693d.jpg
 photo KHardy_KaraSimmons_50_zps7afeab84.jpg
 photo KHardy_KaraSimmons_54_zps57e4bb09.jpg
 photo KHardy_KaraSimmons_58_zps4cbb32b8.jpg
 photo KHardy2_KaraSimmons_6_zps8fe5fcf8.jpgDarling Katelyn made a very important decision to become a member of the LDS church.  And I was lucky enough to photograph this important moment in her life.  Congratulations once again Katelyn!


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