Results from the veggie garden.

 photo SFamily2_KaraSimmonscopy_zps0856332a.jpg
The veggie garden has produced! We have seen a lot of broccoli come, a few zucchinis, a couple of cucumbers, a lot of tomatoes, and too many jalapenos. Things started off great in the beginning of August, everything was producing and looking promising, and then all of a sudden bugs came. My zucchini produced about 4 or 5 zucchinis, and then just stopped. I took a closer look one day and these gross little bugs were everywhere on it. For whatever reason, our cucumber plant has on produced two cucumbers and another one of the way. Very slow growing, but on the bright side, the cucumbers were delicious! All of our grape tomato plants turned out just fine, but only two out of the six roma tomato plants have produced quality tomatoes. Holy cow, broccoli plants produce like crazy and I let them over grow because I was too busy and/or lazy to cut them off because I already have two frozen bags full and we have a itty bitty freezer. Thanks to mi Madre and sister, we now have bottled salsa from my very own garden.  Fresh salsa batches have also been prepared and the results have been quite tasty.  I have learned a few lessons from my first garden and hoping to have even better results next year!  But seriously, there are bugs every where out there.  I move a tomato plant branch and I see a bunch of critters scatter.  I scream most of the time I pick veggies out there now.  I will most definitely stay on top of spraying for bugs next year because the bugs give me the heebee geebees.  Here’s to gardens!


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