Hazel Evie. 3 months.

Hazel is nearly 4 months old! Here are here 3 month picture finally.
 photo August142013_KaraSimmons_1_zps1923b3a3.jpg
 photo August142013_KaraSimmons_4_zpseaf6396b.jpg
 photo August142013_KaraSimmons_3_zps99ddc85e.jpg
 photo August142013_KaraSimmons_6_zps3aeb86b1.jpg
 photo August142013_KaraSimmons_8_zpsc9a93d4b.jpg
 photo August142013_KaraSimmons_7_zps4d59a09e.jpg
 photo August142013_KaraSimmons_10_zps02f8765e.jpg
 photo August142013_KaraSimmons_11_zps087b140e.jpg
 photo August142013_KaraSimmons_12_zpsfd35d93f.jpg
 photo August142013_KaraSimmons_13_zps648cb640.jpg

I try to keep her updated on what she is doing month to month. But because I have been slacking in keeping her and what she does up to date, I will just list off what she has done up until now! So a 3 month/4 month update if you will. Hazel is lifting her head like a champ during tummy time and has come close to rolling over, but just isn’t there quite yet! The other day she sat up for a good couple of seconds! It was quite an exciting couple of seconds too. She loves to talk, gabber, and blow bubbles. You can blow bubbles with your lips at her and she will blow them right back at ya. She also has this cute little growl when she chats at you too. I love it so much. We even got her to giggle finally for the first time a couple of weeks ago! Of course it was Greg who brought it out of her. But we both have gotten her to giggle at us now. Melts your heart every time. She still is easy to smile, even though she wasn’t as much when taking these pictures that day. Hazel is such an easy going baby. She’s like a dream baby. Although she can spit up with the best of them and poop up her back nearly on a daily basis, but other than that, she’s golden.

You can see her 1 month update here and her 2nd month update here.  Here’s to hoping the 4th month won’t be documented too far down the road.


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