Turning four.

 photo July252013_KaraSimmons_1resize_zps0c67dd46.jpgOur Lydia Denise is turning four years old tomorrow.  Four!  How can that be?  I swear we just brought her home from the hospital.  She was the sweetest baby and has grown into a beautiful little girl.  We have seen her blossom so much this past year.  I have loved seeing her gain her funny sense of humor.  She’s my little buddy to laugh at things with during the day.  In one month she’s going to be in preschool three times a week.  I know it’s only two hours a day, but I’m getting kinda sad.  Hazel and I will be a bit lonely during those hours.  Don’t remind me she’s off to kindergarten in one year!

This past year I did a joy school around the neighborhood with other mother’s that had kids Lydia’s age.  I was able to teach Lydia and her friends in our home a few times.  Being able to observe Lydia and how she did in a school type setting and how she interacted with her friends was great.  I noticed she wasn’t always the first to know the answers to questions, but you could tell how much she loved being with friends.  She got along with all of them.  When it was play time at our house and I would let the children play with a few of her toys, she would happily and gladly share them with everyone.  I remember she was very upset one day that a couple of girls would not share a toy with a boy in her class(remember she is Miss Sensitive!).  I can help her with her numbers, letters, and how to read any old day.  But this way she has in loving and caring for others cannot be taught.  She makes friends wherever she goes because of it.

Oh I can’t wait to sing to this girl tomorrow.  She adores birthdays.  And now she finally gets to celebrate hers!

Here’s to another wonderful year with our Lydia.


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