Messy pony tails.

 photo HHaagaBirthStory_KaraSimmons_159_zpsb4c90802.jpg
 photo HHaagaBirthStory_KaraSimmons_158_zps665aadd0.jpg
 photo HHaagaBirthStory_KaraSimmons_160_zps3fb666d3.jpg
 photo HHaagaBirthStory_KaraSimmons_161_zps3d5a31b6.jpg
 photo HHaagaBirthStory_KaraSimmons_162_zps611a6d48.jpg
 photo HHaagaBirthStory_KaraSimmons_163_zps9ac84fa8.jpg
Our summer evenings involve messy pony tails and bike rides up and down our little street.  And no, I don’t hold Hazel while I ride my bike, but somebody had to hold her while Greg took the picture!


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