Hazel Evie. Two months.

Before I get ahead of myself and get my pictures from our 4th of July on here, I needed to share our cute Hazel at two months of age.
 photo June262013_KaraSimmons_2_zps1aff97c5.jpg
 photo June262013_KaraSimmons_6_zps0edd2da8.jpg photo June262013_KaraSimmons_zps53138639.jpg
 photo June262013_KaraSimmons_8_zps93517b8c.jpg
 photo June262013_KaraSimmons_7_zps0810ca17.jpg
 photo June262013_KaraSimmons_9_zps9a47ff95.jpg
 photo June262013_KaraSimmons_10_zps7a841096.jpg
 photo June262013_KaraSimmons_3_zps4d691b3a.jpg

According to the doctor, she weighs 11 pounds and has a good size head. She loves to smile at us, especially first thing in the morning. It’s the best way to start my day that’s for sure!  She’s always moving her arms and legs when awake.  Still being a great sleeper for me, which has been awesome.  Hazel loves when Lydia comes around.  Hazel will flash Lydia a big smile every time Lydia pays attention to her.  It’s pretty cute to watch.  And that wobbly head of her’s is slowly getting stronger.  We love our Hazel girl.


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