Hazel Evie. One month.

 photo Hazelonemonthcopy_zpsff150bab.jpg
 photo June22013_KaraSimmons_1_zps0719df67.jpg
 photo June22013_KaraSimmons_2_zpsfdd30019.jpg
 photo June22013_KaraSimmons_3_zps8bc6953d.jpg
 photo June22013_KaraSimmons_5_zps1aaffa33.jpg
 photo June22013_KaraSimmons_6_zps5a6991da.jpgIn Hazel’s first month of life she had smile and cooed at us, started sleeping for long stretches of time making me only get up once to feed her, started liking the binky better, and had grown some seriously long eyelashes.  Her hair is still there and is getting lighter from the dark brown it was at birth.  Hazel’s first month, just like Lydia’s, went by much too fast.


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