Big talk.

A couple of Sunday’s ago Lydia came home from church yelling, “I’m have the talk! I have the talk! Yahooooo!”

I don’t know if she really realized what that meant, but she was sure excited.  Bless her heart.  Her Primary teacher had selected her to give the talk in Primary the next Sunday and she could not wait.

The following Sunday Greg wrote her a little talk about modern day Prophets and practiced it with her a couple of times before church.  She was pumped.  She walked into primary and sat in the front.  Then she kept waving to all of her friends, and waved to us a couple of times.  Not distracting at all by the way.

The big moment came.  Lydia walked right up to that little pulpit they have in the primary room, pulled the mic right down to her mouth, and waited for Greg’s help to begin.  She was loud and proud talking about those Prophets.  I was blown away with well spoken she was.  This girl.  I tell you what.  She surprises me all the time.  She’s sensitive yet brave and confident.  And obviously, she loves being in front of people.  Wonder who she gets that from… 😉

Greg and I couldn’t be more proud to be her parents.  I hope she always remembers that.

 photo CTuckernewborn_KaraSimmons_29copy_zps21d5a95b.jpg
 photo CTuckernewborn_KaraSimmons_30_zpsac4d924f.jpg


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