Mother’s day.

It was, obviously, my first Mother’s day of being a mother of two beautiful girls.  I keep telling Greg how surreal it is to look at Hazel and see that we actually have another child.  I am still pinching myself we actually have more than one child most days to be honest.  I know these feelings of “pinching myself” won’t last forever, but I am going to let myself enjoy them while they last! 😉

Greg did well this Mother’s Day.  He always knows how to make me feel appreciated and loved.  What I really wanted from Hazel was for her to sleep for these pictures, but she was wide awake!  We had to rush off to different family functions, so I couldn’t really wait her out.  But I think these wide awake pictures of her are pretty cute too.

 photo May152013_KaraSimmons_24_zps9d783793.jpg
 photo May152013_KaraSimmons_19_zps84de791d.jpg
 photo May152013_KaraSimmons_17_zps9e62a09b.jpgAnd just take a look at Lydia.  What a little poser!
 photo May152013_KaraSimmons_25_zps2227cca4.jpgCouldn’t be more honored than to be a mother to these beautiful girls.


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