Bringing her home.

Hazel on the last few minutes on the day of her birth.

 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_90_zps31af7585.jpgShe also had her first bath that night.
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_94_zps35156f97.jpg
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_95_zpsc44fdca4.jpg
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_97_zps5710f259.jpgFortunately for us, we were able to stay at the hospital for only 24 hours.  Hazel and I were both healthy and doing fine and so we packed ourselves up on that Friday evening and were discharged.  We were excited to go home, get to our own beds and pick up Lydia.  I can never sleep that night after I deliver my babies because I still have so much adrenaline running through me and I can’t stop staring at my babies!  I was pretty exhausted come discharge time to say the least.
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_103_zps35092d1e.jpg
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_104_zps84f040c2.jpg
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_106_zpsbc537b07.jpg
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_107_zps91498465.jpg
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_108_zps4fbd1876.jpgI can’t handle how much I love these pictures of Hazel and Greg together.
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_111_zps40510098.jpg
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_114_zps4aa1fee7.jpg
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_116_zps99c195aa.jpg
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_118_zpsed879474.jpg
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_119_zps29b6298e.jpg
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_120_zps5d2a7230.jpg
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_122_zpse6f76b63.jpgBrother Kyle gave us flowers.  So sweet.
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_123_zpsebc11b4d.jpgAfter we were discharged, we drove to Greg’s parents house to pick Lydia up and headed home as a new family of four.


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