Hazel’s visitors.

An hour or so after Hazel’s delivery, Lydia came to meet her sister.  She was a bit nervous at first and took a minute to soak everything in.  Plus she was pretty excited about playing with that birthing ball I had in my room she was eying earlier that day.
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_60_zpsaa316723.jpgBut Mother-in-law Julie eased her into the newness of having a sister.
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_62_zpscc5206c0.jpgSoon enough she loved holding her and kissing on her.  And hasn’t stopped since!
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_80_zpsdaddf374.jpg
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_82_zpsebd81bc6.jpg
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_84_zpsb912b0ff.jpg
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_85_zpscdc24380.jpg
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_86_zpse7527b18.jpg
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_87_zpsb5fe03e9.jpg
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_88_zps90d47aef.jpg
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_67_zps11033338.jpg
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_69_zps07e68ee9.jpgShe also likes to tickle her feet.  I am sure Hazel appreciates that.
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_71_zps8673acef.jpg
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_72_zps357a9673.jpg
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_73_zpsc5358f8a.jpgOur nurse Codi was awesome with Lydia and had her “help” check on Hazel.
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_75_zps2dbd4bb6.jpg
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_77_zpsae345b30.jpg
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_78_zpscc6e714f.jpgAll of my siblings stopped by as well.  We were lucky to have my brother Kyle in town from Colorado on a business trip!  We were supposed to all go out to dinner that night, but Hazel had other plans for me.  They all went out to dinner without us while I was in labor.  You all still owe me a dinner!
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_63_zps4c1aeeb2.jpg
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_64_zps9b887bed.jpgSis-in-law Jasmine is due with a baby girl in July.  I can see the potential of best friend cousins already.
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_65_zpsb694ef5f.jpg
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_66_zps5b88aacb.jpgDr. England with us.  Hazel was still being cleaned up.  And Hazel was even born on Dr. England’s birthday!  We interrupted his birthday meal which I still feel awful about.  He was so nice about it and we can’t thank him enough.
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_41_zpscf40cce9.jpg


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