Hazel’s arrival.

Here is the story of Hazel’s arrival.  I was sure to write down Lydia’s birth story so I wouldn’t forget the details and saved it on my computer.  When I started to write down Hazel’s I decided to share it on this old blog of mine.  I love reading other’s birth stories of their babes and so I wanted to share Hazel’s.  If you don’t like to read about giving birth, this story isn’t for you…

About 4 am on the morning of April 25th, I woke up because of my full bladder. I shifted my body in bed before officially getting up and I felt a little fluid leak out. I thought it was just my full bladder acting up with the baby being so low and close to delivery. I got up, went to the bathroom, and went back to bed. About an hour later the same thing happened. This time I knew something must be happening because I was feeling some cramping. But the fluid was so little I didn’t know what to think. I got up and changed, once again(that was getting old), and went back to sleep.  I was feeling some cramping off and on while I drifted in and out of sleep. I woke up to Greg leaving for work. I felt just fine. No cramping. I decided not to say anything because I had felt this cramping off and on for the past couple of days with obviously no results.  Just kissed him goodbye and went back to sleep.

7:30 am rolled around and I had to get up and get going.  Our nephew Tayden was arriving soon to play with Lydia because my sis Kristen was helping out with her daughter’s classroom that morning.  I was also teaching joy school in my home that day and was expecting 6 other three and four year olds to show up in a couple of hours.  I went downstairs to get things ready when Tayden arrived.  I set him up with some cartoons on the tv and went to walk into my kitchen.  That’s when I felt a small gush of fluid.  I ran upstairs to get cleaned up and knew then that my water was definitely in the process of breaking.  I called Greg letting him know what was happening.  He was just a bit taken back.  It’s always fun to drop a big surprise on your husband. 😉  After I called him I had to let my sister know what was going on.  Out of the goodness of her heart she left her daughter’s classroom to come get her son and help me get my things together if the doctor wanted me to come in.  Then I remembered I had to text all the joy school mom’s I was probably going to have a baby today, so please don’t bring your kids over!  Thankfully, they were understanding.  But I had a pretty great excuse.

At 9 am I was able to call into my doctor’s office to let them know I thought my water was slowly leaking.  The medical assistant told me I needed to wait an hour and fill up an entire feminine pad to come in.  I was very sure my water was breaking, but with having been induced with Lydia, I was double guessing myself.  Especially since I wasn’t experiencing any contractions.  I listened to the medical assistants orders and waited.  My sister showed up and we took our kids to the park.  While pushing Lydia on the swings I finally felt some cramping.  Some slight leaking after that took place, but definitely not enough to fill up any pad!  We walked home and it was about 10:30 am.  I decided to call in to my doctor and explain I knew this wasn’t urine this was something baby related.  The nurse agreed and told me to come in before 12:30 pm.  I ran around the house getting things ready and took a quick shower.  Once things were ready, Kristen drove me to the hospital with kids in tow.  Greg was going to meet me there.

We arrived to the hospital at about 12:15 pm.  On the way there I felt some cramping again and it finally felt like a contraction to me.  As I was stepping out of the car to go into the hospital, I felt another one.  It was finally sinking in on me that this was the real deal!  I kissed Lydia goodbye and Kristen got this cute picture of us before I headed in.

 photo photo10-2_zps37be1d50.jpgThank goodness for Aunt Kristen who took Lydia for me at such short notice!

I checked into my doctor’s office and Greg arrived shortly after.  He looked nervous as all get out(love you sweetie, but you did).  We were taken back to see my doctor and after my doctor checked it was confirmed my water did indeed break!  I was so relieved I wasn’t mistaken almost as much as I was excited to be in labor.  I was also dilated to a 3 and about 75% effaced.
 photo photo8-2_zpsd3faf737.jpgOur doctor had us walk across the hall from his office into labor and delivery to be admitted.  Greg and I couldn’t stop smiling at each other we were so excited.
 photo photo7-3_zps51869899.jpgIt was at about 1 pm we were admitted.  Once I was set up in my gown, Greg and I realized he needed to head home for a few things and bring Charlotte up to his parents house to be taken care of.  I told him to hurry in case anything drastic happened!  During that time, hardly any contractions were happening.  I had to sit down for most of it because I needed to have an IV placed and they had to ask me a million questions too.  By 3 pm, I was checked and was still at a 3.  My doctor gave me the option of pitocin to speed things up if I wanted.  I decided to go with the lowest dose of pitocin possible, because who wants a long drawn out labor?  Not me.  I’m too impatient.  My mother’s water broke with me and it was a slow leak just like I was experiencing.  She told me it wasn’t until 24 hours after her water first broke her contractions became consistent enough to get her labor progressing.  I didn’t want that.  I was in the hospital already, so let’s get that baby here!
 photo photo9-2_zps2faa952a.jpgWith pictocin given at about 3:30, my contractions picked up and became consistent fast.  Which meant progress was being made!  I decided to labor on the birthing ball for awhile.  I bounced side to side and front to back.  It was perfect to deal with early labor for me.  During this time Lydia came in for a quick visit with Kristen to switch off to being taken to my mother-in-law for the night.
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_zpscb1059ac.jpg
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_1_zps93796e45.jpgIt was fun to have Lydia there with us for a bit.  She didn’t seem the least bit bothered that I was attached to all the wires.  I think she was more jealous of me bouncing around on this huge ball.  She played with a rolling chair instead.  All of this was great entertainment to have while laboring.

Contractions stayed consistent and were gaining more strength.  Dr. England came in shortly before 6 pm to see how I was progressing.  I was checked and was only at a 4 plus.  Feeling discouraged, I decided I needed to do something different to get Hazel going.  I decided I was going to walk for awhile hoping that would speed things along.  Then get checked after the walking and get in the tub after to handle the rest of contractions until it was time to deliver.

It took a little awhile for me to get hooked up to the portable monitors, but we started walking at 6:30.  Greg pushed my IV pole for me for the first few minutes.  But those contractions started to get really strong fast so I decided it would feel better if I could hang onto my IV pole myself to push and walk during contractions.  Greg would spoon feed me ice chips as I pushed along.  What I wanted was a huge glass of water.  At about 6:50 I was starting to get really tired.  I had to stop with every contraction now.  Visitors of the other patients would walk by and look at me breathing those contractions.  I would have the meanest thoughts about any one who looked at me during a contraction and as soon as it was over, I could carry on a conversation with Greg just fine.  But those contractions were coming fast.  I was starting to moan through them.  Greg told me I needed to take a break and sit down back in the room to rest for a bit.  I told him one last lap and I would go back to the room.

We started back for the room at 7 pm and I could barely walk through all the pressure.  I was getting really worried and scared.  My goal was to go through labor unmedicated.  If I couldn’t handle my contractions and I was only at a 4 plus an hour ago, what would the coming contractions feel like?  I called for my nurse, Codi(who was amazing by the way), and asked her if I could get in the tub.  She said she was going to check with Dr. England and be right back.  As she was leaving I had Greg set a pillow down for my knees so I could kneel and hug onto the birthing ball.  As soon as I hugged the ball and started rocking, I felt much better.  Until the next contraction came.  This one rocked my world and at the end of it I felt my body wanting to push.  I quickly told Greg as it was happening what I was feeling and luckily my nurse walked in while I was saying those words.  She quickly checked me and said, “Yep, you’re complete!”

Greg and Codi then helped me into bed.  Other nurses were quickly called in to get things prepped and Dr. England was called.  I was grabbing onto Greg for dear life.  Codi would put pressure on my knees to help with contractions.   I was trying to wrap my head around the fact that I was transitioned so fast and that, in fact, I was doing this unmedicated!  I had envisioned labor without an epidural to last so much longer.  But pitcocin apparently took care of that for me!  It was incredibly surreal to be experiencing the force of labor.  My mind was trying to keep up with what was happening to my body.  Truly an out of this world experience.

I invited my Kristen to be in the room when we had Hazel.  She bravely took on the task to get some images with my camera too.  I set up my camera to settings earlier and she just went crazy snapping pictures.  I am so grateful she did.  I did have my photographer friend, Natalie Bennion, all set up to come but because everything happened so fast I didn’t even stand a chance to get her there in time.

Contractions and the force to push were getting the best of me.  I was struggling to stay in control and breathe.  I would grab onto Greg and not let go of him until another wave was over.  Greg would put his head right next to mine(or did I force it there? 😉 ) and would talk to me.  That was my only link to calm me down.  He would remind me to breathe and relax the best I could.
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_2_zps0da8aff2.jpgKristen remembers over hearing Greg say, “Just bite onto my shoulder Kara.  Just bite it!”  And I did.  Not his actual shoulder.    But his shirt.  Isn’t that sweet of him to volunteer it though?  I did however almost pull his shoulder out of the socket.
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_3_zps88cf4700.jpgBut that’s just because he has a torn labrum which causes his shoulder to dislocate at times.  Not completely my fault.
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_4_zps0eae9067.jpgTen minutes had passed since it was announced that I was complete and Dr. England made it just in time.  Hazel was ready to come.  My body was screaming at me to push.  Codi had one leg and Greg had the other.  It was time to push with the contractions.  With the first one, we could see the top of Hazel’s head.  I had a mirror so I was able to look and saw all the dark hair on her head.  Once that contraction ended another came right after.  The pressure and intensity was so great I yelled out to everyone that I couldn’t do it!  I truly felt like there was no way I could push any longer.  It was just too much pain and pressure.  Dr. England calmed me down and reassured me I could.  With another contraction I tried, but felt like I was just making a whole lot of noise rather than progress of actual pushing. I even yelled out at the last instant, “Just get her out!”

But then her head was out!  The rest of her body came shortly after.  I did it.  Hazel was placed right on my belly.  She had a head full of dark hair and was beautiful.  Instant relief spread across my body.  The sense of accomplishment and relief was incredible.  Hazel was actually here!  I made it through labor without an epidural!  Greg and I were both overwhelmed.  Tears immediately were coming from both of us.
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_25_zps5739e6ca.jpgGreg cut the umbilical cord while the nurses were cleaning Hazel up.
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_26_zpsd2e43f4a.jpg
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_30_zpsa4afdd47.jpg
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_31_zpsf17bdecf.jpg
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_35_zps46fef6f8.jpgIt was announced from the nurse that Hazel was 7 pounds 2 ounces and 20 inches.  Just a little thing.
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_43_zps53b3ce39.jpgGreg quickly told family of the good news of Hazel’s arrival and I skyped with my mom and step-dad who were on vacation in Hawaii.  Thank goodness for modern technology.
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_45_zps834fc35b.jpg
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_46_zps0b0557d6.jpg
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_47_zps7dda3b4c.jpg
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_48_zps0d9d870c.jpg
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_51_zpsccc7e054.jpgWith all my hormones going crazy and the realization we finally had our second baby, I kept crying every time I looked at Hazel.
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_57_zps4797a4a9.jpgThose first moments with your baby are pure magic.  I wish I could rewind time to both my girls’ deliveries and experience everything again.  Giving birth is amazing.  I’m so grateful for these moments in my life and being able to share these incredible moments with my husband who holds them just as sacred as I do.
 photo April2520132a_KaraSimmons_59_zps22cf2c2f.jpg

And now you know the story of Hazel Evie’s arrival on the beautiful spring night of April 25th.


2 thoughts on “Hazel’s arrival.

  1. Now that I can see the computer screen again to type (from tears!)…Way to go!! I think any woman that can do child birth natural is amazing! Awesome story! So glad Hazel is here and healthy! She is adorable! 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing! You know I love a good birth story! Those photos of you during labor and with hazel are perfect, I love the raw emotion.

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