Those kitchen cabinets.

I decided to take on the biggest painting project of my life at 34 and 37 weeks pregnant(I split up painting the bottom half and top half cabinets to save my body and sanity in the long run).  Not the smartest timing as my body has told me, but those kitchen cabinets were driving me crazy and needed some paint on them.  I couldn’t wait any longer!

 photo April202013_KaraSimmonscopy_zps699c7d7a.jpg
 photo April202013_KaraSimmons_1copy_zps9d36756b.jpg

I was so happy with the last stroke of the brush I could have cried.  I am darn proud of this project.  I have been loving the results.  We are going to finish them off with hardware soon.  Then maybe actually decorate the kitchen now that I have the cabinets done?!  Whoa, what a concept.  I’m a slow mover, can you tell?

Now I just need to get rid of this door to our backyard.
 photo April202013_KaraSimmons_2copy_zpsa9d36861.jpg

I greatly dislike it.  A lot.

But we are finally installing a screen door for the summer months and Gregory told me I can get a new door(with a fancy window in it and everything. 😉 come fall!  Isn’t amazing how much happier you feel when you make improvements to your home?  I try and explain it to Greg, but he just thinks I’m a tad crazy to feel such happiness from things like this.

Check this item off my list to have done before baby comes.  It feels good.

Special thanks goes to my sister, her children, mi madre, and Greg.  I think I would have still be working on this project if it wasn’t for their help.  Bless you people.


One thought on “Those kitchen cabinets.

  1. They look so good!! It was actually really fun helping. Wish I would have thought that doing my own. We just need to find projects that we can help each other with. Much more motivating & fun than doing it alone

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